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Sh1ka9on 2004-04-20 02:42

Transfering HD!? LONG POST! beware!
Ok, I think this is gonna be a long post, so for all of those who can't pay enough attention, look away!

>> Anyway, recently My beloved computer decided to die on me for no real apparant reason. I used BT, usually overnight but nothing too serious. The occasional 2DL/night. Stopped DLing for like 3-4 months.. Anyway, then one morning, my XP just goes "see ya" and suddenly the keyboard does not work. And to enter Windows, i need the keyboard to function because a couple months ago, my brother tried to format my HD but couldn't, so instead he tried to install multiple Windows XP's. So when i start up, a list comes up with around 4 options. It says like "Which Windows would you like to enter?" and there's a 5sec. countdown. If i don't choose within that time, It automatically enters "Windows XP Installation" (All this is in DOS) Anyway, so my keyboard does not work, and i cannot enter Windows. I got a new keyboard which was working fine. however,

It began again when i accidently pressed the "CAPS" lock button. and then my comp went beserk with all these computerized "BEEP" Then my keyboard went dead, and then when i clicked on my mouse, that went dead too. The red light on the mouse is still on, but the cursor ain't moving. The Keyboard lights are also not lit, however, the actual computer is functioning normally because Winamp was still blasting away. So, i wait a whole 24hours and try again. Now it works! however, the second i press Caps, Numlock, scroll, or anything too simulaneous it just "bye" and my mouse and keyboard goes dead. This is also followed with a series of a couple thousand "Beeps" coming from the Tower.

I am no computer genius so i have no clue. I'm guessing it's a motherboard problem because trying with 4 different keyboards, they all have the same problem. I can start into Windows occasionally, however, no fast typing. This is a Real problem because i can't help but type really fast. Also i gotta wait a whole 24 hours before the keyboard decides to light up. Anyway, so i busted out my old computer (this one) and is doing fine with the same messed up keyboard. So i decided to just simply transfer the HD from the crapped up Computer, to this old one.

Ok, firstly i'm hella sorry for the long post but i'm half-pissed. Anyway, if anyone knows how to fix the computer, I would be grateful. However, i'm really asking if anyone knows the proper procedure to transfer the HD. Can i just connect it up, and everything will be fine? My brother says that it won't work unless i do some procedures. If someone were to explain or chuck us a link to some explanations I'd be a happy man.

Thanks a lot.

hobobaggins 2004-04-20 12:56

you should use another hard drive on another computer... if you are certain you havent been hit with a virus.

take out the hard drive you want to dump(from the busted one) set the jumper pin (on the back) to slave, and plug it in to the working computer.

then you can just dump the data as you like on the new computer...

put the hard drive BACK into the busted computer, insert windows CD and

then you should RFormatt the old hard drive. if you have everything off, and you dont mind reconfigging your computer. but it works.

Raven_Zero 2004-04-20 17:31

Well all the beeps would indicat some sort of hardware problem. I would sugjest taking it to a computer tech.

nooc 2004-04-20 22:54

Check the manual to see what those beeps mean.

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