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sentakuki 2004-03-24 01:55

Naruto Movie
When is the Naruto Movie coming out and what is it about?

Karma 2004-03-24 02:34

THere is no Naruto movie coming out, it was all just a conspiracy by those bastards that say Naruto is worse than DBZ. IT was an elaborate plan involving shaving cream, napalm, and some website called google (who's ever heard of that). That's all I can say now, but keep your eyes peeled.
Oh by the way, here's a link you might find useful.


fenikkusu 2004-03-24 02:35

there is athread called.... 17 year old kakashi in new movie .... or sumthing like that.. u will find all the information in that thread. Dammit... where the hell is dranz, he is supose to take care of these threads so i dont allways have to read , who wil be naruto's father. which, has any1 else noticed that for the past few weeks it seems like those type of threads have been popping out of the woodwork???? dranz is closing like 100 threads a day lately it seems... poor guy is probly takin a break
edit : lol karma

xris 2004-03-24 04:13

Closing thread. Please use the thread suggested.
Naruto Movie (We get to see 17 years old Kakashi!!!!)

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