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Dante of the Inferno 2011-01-15 18:27

ffdshow VFW Configuration
I'm running a Windows 7 machine that has Windows Media Player 12. I'm also using the program FairUse Wizard 2 in order to create some .mkv files from an iso. A guide that I had found said to change some VFW settings in the filter ffdshow. The problem is, I can't get VFW settings to recognize the WMV9 encoder (that is supposedly present in Windows Media Player). In settings, it recognizes WMV9 as a decoder for the VC-1 format, but nothing as an ENCODER .

Does anyone know how to get the VFW Configuration program to recognize WMV9 as an encoder? 2011-04-19 02:09

You try to uninstall and reinstall if there is not. You should follow the instructions, so will not make mistakes.

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