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Prongs 2011-01-17 15:55

The Jumper, act one: Quantum Fantasy
parallel universes is universes that are separated from each other by a single quantum event.

hey guys. how r U.

right now i'm in the middle of creating a manga. I have finished the char design and now moving on making a 'name'. but I have great problem. I found was extremely difficult to explain the idea of parallel universe on my book. is very pain in the ass, to simplified the idea. it took almost six page to explain to reader that is possible you have a female doubles on other universe. I had my research on wikipedia. but the explanation on wiki is too difficult to understand. and phsysic is always my weakness. is there any site that can simply teach me about the parallel universe? or more simply method to explain it? oh by the way the one of damsel in my story is half france. the other is half japanese. an the main boy is half indonesian. I didn't find any difficulties about charactheristic on indonesian and japanese also americans, because there lot of movies that can be research items for me. but france Im completely blind about them.

oh another problems is. is mating with your doubles considered an incest? I need your opinion about this.

genre Scifi, adventure, action ( inspired from cashern sins action ), romance, harem, fantasy

The chara

Hendarman Jones junior
- half american (father) half Indonesian (mother)
- weapon gunsaber
- optimistic, Tactical, easy going, lazy, bit OCD
- eyes blue and red
- there is nothing special on this guy, except his remarkable calm to observe situation mo matter how worst situation is. and his determination to learn (still he is lazy in another aspect). later we will now that he is son of one antagonist scientist that held responsible of his sliding to another world. there's time when he must choose between the two girls. but he take the third option.

- costumes


Henrietta Jones junior
- half american (father) half france (mother)
- weapon bowblade
- Tsundere :love: (is france girls can considered tsundere?), Arrogant, caring, sporty
- eyes blue
- she had a considerable amount of psi power. I took her image from cecilia alcott IS. despite of her weak body, she is extremely good on sport because of her psi power. lately she will fall in love with main guy. but still tsundere (mmooooeee)
- costumes

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Haruka Jones junior
- half american (father) half japanese (mother)
- weapon riffleblade or rifflespear I don't wich one is correct :D
- elegant (yamato nadeshiko), calm, bit ditzy refference ( ), diligent.
- eyes red
- she is half Vampire, her mother is the last vampire descendant that once part of four vampire lords, despite of her weak appereance she had exceeding on physical ability thanks to her vampire blood. she already fall in love with main guy at the first they met.
- costumes
By delayedprongs at 2011-01-17

there's a scientist girls who fall in love with an american guy that was her osanajimi. but this guy has already had a wife. so this girls develop a slide machine to slide to other reality. but on her second attempt of her effort is only worsen the situation. because instead of her the guy choose a japanese vampire. so she decided to slide further. into the reality where she is not this guy osanajimi. but it was meant that she is not born on that world as female. and she hit the jackpot. she finally can get her love and had our guy born. but unfornately she met her doubles that is male. and without knowing who she is this poor guy had fall in love with his own doubles. so he develop a time machine to prevent the girls met with her current husband. but strangely he diddn't found anything in the past. so he decided to alter the event when the girls met the guy. but situation get worse. and these doubles were throw to another reality.


hendarman is on his way home to indonesia from america, when a meteor hit his plane. on the dawn he wakes up and saw two girl sitting on his side. observing him. after blah blah blah introduction and they found that they are a doppleganger each other. they learned that they throw to fantasy like realms where elf and another folklore creatures exist. and this world in dire danger because a foreign gods attacks and took hostage of native gods. so they decide to help the world while survive on that harsh reality. in time there is doki doki time. and in the end our guy will face difficult decision.

by the way I'm fans of indiana jones. so i took his last name for my char.

Prongs 2011-03-24 08:20

cast and weapon updated
By delayedprongs at 2011-03-23

from left Hikari, Henrietta, Hendarman

Hendarman Jones Junior

I change his weapon based on Indonesian ancient saber
By delayedprongs at 2011-03-23

Henrietta Jones Junior

Her Weapon design based on French Rapier but I make single edge instead double. closed to epee. And I change her personality from Cecilia Alcott to Charlotte Dunois.
By delayedprongs at 2011-03-20

Hikari Jones Junior

I change her names so It matches with kanji on her sword. sword design based on Japanese Katana
By delayedprongs at 2011-03-23

this is what they looks when hold their swords.

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