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A^O 2011-01-24 06:20

A^O`s loves ost music
hello community,
this is my first post on this forum
i`have searched for some forums where they also talk about the great music of anime, because it kinda rare. I dont know why, because there is so much good stuff
which could fill forums!
At least here are 2 topics and a big community who comments every day! this is awesome

Anime Soundtrack composers opened my eyes. earlier i was just listening to hip hop. Anime developed my music taste i think^^. After listening to soundtracksi became way more opened to different music. Especially in classical music and rock

Now im listening to soundtracks like: Elfen lied, death note, fma, fma brotherhood, detectiv conan, wolfs rain, one piece, naruto, naruto shippuuden, fairy tail, bleach
and i love them i need to listen to them at least once a day

And since about juli 2010 im making music too, because i love it so much
besides remakes of openings like

fullmetall alchemist
hitman reborn
and gintama

im also making music composed be me (ok this one is a little bit influenced by death note)

there are more on my channel hope you like them

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