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Kairin 2011-02-02 21:24

Scavenger Hunt II - The Riddles
This is the official riddle thread for the Scavenger Hunt. In here I will post the riddles, the solutions (after the riddle is solved), and the name of the person who solved it (if/when someone does). I'll also post hints and a tally of hunt points awarded at appropriate intervals.
Remember: the answer to every riddle is an AnimeSuki URL (forum, site, or wiki based).
Now, as everyone seemed to like NightWish and Kafriel's trial riddle, I'm going to provide another to get you thinking while we wait for the submissions. This is another trial, but it should be easier so I'm going to post it exactly as I would if it were part of the contest (which it isn't).

I hope that is all clear everyone? :heehee:
Riddle Text:
*** SAMPLE ***
i've more reputations than any
one member. one page & letters
thirty one way by five another
look on me for sure you'll see
a list. i am the forum: period

*** SAMPLE ***
Pease post your solutions (URL and explaination) to the Scavenger Hunt II thread.

Kairin 2011-02-03 06:18

Rennir got the correct solution:
Spoiler for solution:
At this point in the actual contest I would post a list showing how many points each person has won so far. The next riddle will be posted at least 24 hours after the last, but it might be longer.

Kairin 2011-02-20 07:00

The first official entry in this Scavenger Hunt is a little different from all the others; a riddle in the most general sense it has a lot of different parts that require more thinking than searching. It might prove really easy for some, but very very hard for others, so I'm going to let everyone puzzle over it until it is solved or all the other riddles are solved. If this isn't solved quickly another riddle will be posted in about one week.
It's been been a few days and no new leads have been
found, the only clue the professor and friends have is a
story left by the late doctor, who was killed right after
winning the Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize. The clue is a
short story written right before the victims demise. It
surely leads to the culprit!

Once upon a time, there was an end. And with it many
monsters awoke. From a land far away a princess came,
to fight the monsters. The princess was the shortest
midget in the land, but she had a big mouth and fat
sword, and with them she set out to defeat the
monsters in all five kingdoms. Each kingdom was ruled
by a powerful kings, greater then all over which they
ruled. Should one enter the kingdom, be it friend or foe,
it was by heavens law that they would be cut down to
size until they were no greater then the kingdoms kings.

First the princess arrived at the Kingdom of "V" (for
Vegetables), there she met a horde of trolls. She swung
her mighty fat sword and defeated all but three.

Next the princess came to the kingdom of SeveN
Lancers, there she met a swarm of fierce gazebos.
Again she raised her fat sword to the heavens and
struck the enemy down. All were burned to ash, but five.

The princess then took a break, and a week later she
once again marched to fight.

After 3 days of marching she arrived at the kingdom of
the Nazgūl. She finds nothing, sees nothing, hears
nothing. As she leaves she's met by a army of demon
vacuum cleaners. The battle is fierce but she makes it
out alive all thanks to her fat sword. Out of the army
only five remain, which run and hide in fear.

Next she arrives at the unlucky kingdom. Mirrors break
as she enters and she is greeted by strange creatures.
The princess swings her fat sword and cuts down all in
front of her, with the exception of a few anomalies.
Confused she simply moves on...

And now after much walking and talking the princess
arrives at the kingdom of XI o'clock. There she meets a
band of shinigami. The battle rages for weeks, then
months, then years. But it does not matter since time is
irrelevant in the five kingdoms. Six years later the
princess finally defeats the shinigami and the ten
remaining flee in fear.

With a broken fat sword the princess retreats, but
brave adventurers follow after her. And so, our story

Kairin 2011-02-28 06:41

No one has correctly answered the first riddle yet.
So here are a few hints:
  • There are more than five anomalies.
  • Remon has a long way to go, but is looking in the correct direction.
  • You are trying to find the princess's user profile.
The second riddle will be put up ... soon.

Kairin 2011-03-01 14:00

No successful answers to the last riddle yet! The math is hard huh? :heehee:

Well on with the contest... the second entry in the Scavenger Hunt is here:
Wherever you are you may attempt to go up by going down.
But you'll find all unprepared and no one to greet you.
Happy hunting!

Kairin 2011-03-02 18:10

No progress on the first riddle... well, being negative about math won't help. ;)
Was the hint to obvious this time?

Right; you made short work of the last one (solution), so it is time for another! Riddle me this:
A drunk sits next to you at a bar:
Ya see, there's this villager I once met. (loudly) Can anybody in
here help me find him? (pausing) Sadly... there is almost nothing I
remember 'bout him; (leaning in) lemme look at you f'a second? Hum small
world isn't it... (knocking back a drink) ba! This little village may be
larger than you fhink! I'ma not tryin' t' confuse~ venture (hick) onwards
or backwards; 'nyways... the first to find'um gets a drink on me. Banzai.

The man collapses. Who was he talking about?
Good luck!
Current Points
  • felix - 1

NightWish 2011-03-12 07:19

It has been over a week so I'm going to step in and provide an update and a few hints. I've not seen any correct solutions yet, but some interesting ideas.

For the first riddle: Some people picked up on Kairin's hints that maths is important to solving the riddle, so to be clear/fair to all: simple subtraction and division are not the key. New hint: while time is irrelevant in the kingdoms, clocks might help you solve the riddle.

For the third riddle: Confirmation: You are looking for a user profile and the user's (villager's) profile is not disabled. The page is accessible to all. First hint: Adding the exclamation "Banzai" to the end of riddle would give you another path to the solution. And because that just makes it more cryptic, the biggest hint of all: the setting is irrelevant.

Have fun :D

NightWish 2011-03-17 16:06

I'm going to let this third riddle run a couple of extra days because I posted the hint late, as Konakaga observed. As I outlined before, there are now two paths to the solution of the riddle. Keeping that in mind, your final hint is that one involves letters the other involves numbers.

NightWish 2011-03-22 15:51

Okay, the two weeks mark is well and truly up, so time to post the solution and so Kairin can post the next riddle, I think. Sorry for the delay! :heh:

The answer to this riddle is... ::drum-roll:: (Iselin)
Still not sure?
Spoiler for Solution:

Kairin will post the scores and the next riddle, soon hopefully. Apologies again for the delays.

Kairin 2011-03-29 04:23

NightWish has finally sent riddle number four to me so here it is:
Luxurious to some
and others, tis dumb
A commodity at best
collecting in a nest

A tiny little thing
which cannot sing
Or walk or talk
simply standing still
As stoic as a rock

They ring the bell to those who wait
and spend their money to satiate

Current Points
  • felix - 1
  • Ziziphus - 1

Kairin 2011-03-30 15:27

I think it is safe to say the last riddle has been solved. Haak was the first, but posted too many links. RRW was the first to post it on its own, but after NightWish gave a confirmation that Haak's list included the correct answer. Tricky. I'm awarding 1/2 each for now and NightWish can think about it more if it is an issue by the end of the contest. You'll need to stop posting so many links at one time!

And with that, on we go...
Tomatoes, turnips - no problem!
Cherries, love'em!
So please, no carrots in the rabbit stew, mom.
Can we have cherry pie for dessert?
Can I watch the baseball game tonight on TV?

Current Points
  • felix - 1
  • Ziziphus - 1
  • Haak - 0.5
  • RRW - 0.5

Kairin 2011-04-07 03:00

We have a correct answer to the 5th riddle! Another riddle should go up in the next 24 hours.

Current Points
  • felix - 1
  • Ziziphus - 1
  • crall - 1
  • Haak - 0.5
  • RRW - 0.5

Kairin 2011-04-08 15:25

Riddle #6:
The sun kisses the horizon,
but night does not come.
Far is where we first begin
with one more hymn to hum.

Cry not your last goodnight, for
one more chapter you must read.
A time remembering of things before,
Because after this, there is no more.

NightWish 2011-04-14 14:02

Almost a week and no correct answer... :) Given some have found it difficult to identify which series this relates to, I'll make it easier for you and give you a hint: you are not looking for a series specific thread or forum.

NightWish 2011-04-18 12:51

We have a correct answer to riddle #6, well done Rennir. Kairin will post riddle #7 and maybe another hint for the first riddle ... soonish.

Kairin 2011-04-22 05:07

Finally I have been given riddle #7 to post:
Humble yet the name is known to all
Fiery in name and obsession
Thirteen times five, a realm over twenty
Random creations, in many shapes and colour
But the god worships another
Stealing their face
Showcasing it to followers
Still no correct answers to the first riddle! Well, Cats has provided a hint by way of the following note: Solving the math puzzle is only one way to solve the riddle (the shortest way), another way is to just find the member who fits the role of the princess in the story. Simple, isn't it. There are plenty of hints in the fairy tail, you just need to look. Just remember, hints towards the puzzle are not (necessarily) hints towards the member's identity.

Since you haven't got a hint in a long time, here's a few other tips to help you out: the profile is active and the princess is not a lurker (meaning she has at least 100 posts). Chances are you've even met the princess, or the princess has met you. You'll know it's the princess when you find her. Good luck.

Current Points
  • felix - 1
  • Ziziphus - 1
  • crall - 1
  • Haak - 0.5
  • RRW - 0.5
  • Rennir - 1

Kairin 2011-04-28 03:02

Hooves posted the correct answer to riddle #7, so get ready for #8:
Hidden under the cover of that which is no longer used.
A search not needed, but may prove helpful.
3 numbers in combination shall reveal me at the top.
Of another language, you may find my name.
I am a children's playhouse
But the play in this one was not so fun.
A cruel and inhuman person born from a wicked existence,
Shall take the focus of this story.

The Big Eyed Man and the Big Mouthed Man
The God of Peace
The Quiet Village
But none more famous than The Nameless...

Current Points
  • felix - 1
  • Ziziphus - 1
  • crall - 1
  • Haak - 0.5
  • RRW - 0.5
  • Rennir - 1
  • Hooves - 1

NightWish 2011-05-04 02:55

The last riddle finished much faster than I anticipated. Well done Golden Dream. Kairin will update and post a new riddle later today. Still no correct answers on the first one though.

Kairin 2011-05-04 16:54

Riddle #9:
Some might consider it a shrine, of sorts,
That exists for the love of someone else's love.
Always composed of at least two parts;
Bound not by series, time, gender, canon, or plot,
But only existing if the someone wills it.
Easily reached from anywhere,
Yet is ignored by most.
Hopefully this one will take you a little longer to solve :heehee:
Current Points
  • felix - 1
  • Ziziphus - 1
  • crall - 1
  • Haak - 0.5
  • RRW - 0.5
  • Rennir - 1
  • Hooves - 1
  • Golden Dream - 1

NightWish 2011-05-05 03:25

Oh dear; down to solving them in a couple of hours now are we? :heh: Haladflire65 posted the correct answer: the Social Group category shipping. First riddle remains unsolved though, so you can think about that until Kairin posts number 10.

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