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milan kyuubi 2011-02-05 05:22

General Naruto Thread Index

This thread is made for several reasons. To make finding threads to members much easier. To bring many old (important/interesting) threads back for new discussions. Of course all kinds of threads will be listed here.

Before visiting any of the threads here be sure to read Naruto rules, General rules and FAQ first.

The list of guidelines that needs to be followed:
  • Don't use these threads to insult, troll or flame anyone.
  • In these threads don't respond to post(s) that are years (even months) old.
  • Don't post in these threads just because you can. If you don't have anything useful to say then don't post at all.
  • Only post if you have something useful, interesting or intelligent to say in this threads
  • Respect Anime only viewers by using 'spoiler tags' in threads that are not marked either by '[Manga]' or [Anime only]' tags. Don't post spoilers (even in spoiler tags) in 'anime only' threads. For more information's read Spoiler Policy.
  • If you want to see past threads of manga/episode's threads then please use tags to find them.


Main Threads:Character threads:

Official threads:

Popular (poll) threads:

Spoiler for long list:

Romance threads:

Data Books threads:

Movie threads:

Kishimoto's Interviews:

Game threads:

Important/Interesting, etc etc threads:

Spoiler for long list:

ps: Have in mind that this list has been made by me, so there might be some threads that I missed. You can suggest those threads to the staff members via vm/pm (or use request thread) and they will help you (update thread with your thread(s)).

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