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RelaxRelapse 2011-02-19 14:25

Anime Music "Mixtape"
My name's Evan and I do a solo project known as The Hype Scene. I like all kinds of music and I thought it would be cool to do this.

Like how rappers rap over other peoples beats I plan on singing over songs from different Anime's. I'm not sure how many yet, but for now I'm shooting for probably around 5.

I'm not gonna sing about the anime cause when people do that it almost always seems to come off cheesy....

Anyways here are the tracks I've picked so far to use. If anyone has any suggestions for songs then tell me.

1. No x Limit! [Ikkitousen:Great Guardian]
2. Parallel Hearts [Pandora Hearts]
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

I have some others picked out, but I'm not sure If I'm going to use them or not.

[Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Move it if it is :) ]

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