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monir 2011-02-24 00:06

Madoka Magica - Episode 08 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Madoka Magica, Episode 08.

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totoum 2011-02-24 00:18

Well Nitroplus' representative director has watched episode 8,his reaction:


Just finished watching... no comment orz
Then added:


Let's work hard tomorrow. It's the best way to get cheerful again.
We've been warned :uhoh:

MeoTwister5 2011-02-24 00:22

Hahahahahaha not very subtle is he? :heh:

Though it would probably be more controversial if it was say Shinbo who said that.

Dr. Casey 2011-02-24 00:31

That guy's comment makes me even more eager for the episode, which is saying something since this show's already addictive as fuck; I'm really psyched to see the next steps in Sayaka's character evolution.

Scrooge McDuck 2011-02-24 00:37

This effectively means that I would need three more days before watching it to gather my courage. Curse you, Nitroplus representative director!

Deconstructor 2011-02-24 00:47

Goodbye, Sayaka...

Goodbye, Kyoko...

Neki Ecko 2011-02-24 01:18

Oh well, I will play, I think that Kyoko will say goodbye and somebody else too.

Deconstructor 2011-02-24 01:40


Originally Posted by Neki Ecko (Post 3502331)
Oh well, I will play, I think that Kyoko will say goodbye and somebody else too.

Quick! Edit your post so you will have bragging rights later!

Lol :P I know you left the prediction ambiguous, but can I get you to be more specific?

Well, let me ask a completely unrelated question. If you had to choose between a pink colored bow, a sword, a ferret, and a dark colored bow, which one would you pick?

BaKaBaKaOtaKu 2011-02-24 01:47

whatta-! his comment is kinda making me so worried. DX someone's gonna die. maybe hitomi,sayaka,kamijou or kyoko.

well, i'm preparing myself for the inevitable. XD

MeoTwister5 2011-02-24 01:53

If someone's going to die, I think...

If it's Kyoko, it'll be by Sayaka's hand. If it's Sayaka, it'll be by Homura.

Either way Madoka loses.

scr 2011-02-24 02:10

my prediction: Sayaka become a witch, Kyoko dies trying to stop that, Homura say that Sayaka's becoming a witch is the trigger for Walachia Night, which she will fight alone, and Madoka is left in the cold. And then Madoka turns herself into an MG because she loves Homura xD and can't let her face the Walhammer40000 Night alone. :D

Neki Ecko 2011-02-24 02:16


Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 (Post 3502361)
If someone's going to die, I think...

If it's Kyoko, it'll be by Sayaka's hand. If it's Sayaka, it'll be by Homura.

Either way Madoka loses.

Yep, poor sweet Madoka goes through all this pain and suffering. Give her a big hug.

Back to Topic: I think something might happen to Madoka's Mother.:twitch:

Mentar 2011-02-24 02:22

Well, the traditional 1-episode weather forecast... today's speculations

o Sayaka will dedicate herself to become a picture-perfect fighter for justice, who fights and uses her magic for the sake of all, and NOT for herself

o She'll continue to shed her humanity and human feelings during fights, and use the "block out pain" berserker mode to find relief from the desperation she feels

o Hitomi will confess, and I expect Kamijou to agree to date her. When Sayaka learns about it, she'll wring a fake smile and a "congratulations" out of her throat, but it will hurt her terribly

o Madoka will try to comfort Sayaka, but I expect things to get worse. I'd consider it quite possible that she'll snap and yell at Madoka, taking an extremist "fighter for justice" pose.

o Kyoko will ignore her self-declared "only fight for myself" rule and try to help. But something will go wrong. I suspect that when Kyoko intervenes (possibly to save Sayaka in a Witch fight), Sayaka will kill her, albeit unintentionally.

o When Sayaka realizes what she did, it will push her over the brink. Losing her last respite as self-proclaimed fighter of justice, she will crack and turn into a Witch.

panzerfan 2011-02-24 04:53

I think I will throw my dice on the demise of Hitomi for now. Kyoko can play out a little longer... the fall of Sayaka has always been a favorite card for Urobuchi Gen to play plot element wise, so I humbly submit that it is a mere matter of how instead of if.

MartianMage 2011-02-24 04:58

I'll also go for Sayaka killing Hitomi for this episode then on another episode she overpowers and kills Kyoko.

MeoTwister5 2011-02-24 05:13

In retrospect, Sayaka killing Hitomi may as well be the biggest tragedy that could actually befall Madoka. The fall of a friend, the madness of the friend, and the murder of a friend by a friend. All in one neat mindfucking package.

applejuice 2011-02-24 06:02

I bet that Sayaka will kill hitomi, break kamijo's arm, then suicide.

Everyone except Homuhomu and Madoka has death flag on. So, anything can happen.

Something is definitely happening with Sayaka, since Urobuchi said in his twitter that "I have to refrain from saying anything about Sayaka before Friday's airing."

Mentar 2011-02-24 06:53

"Butch_Gen" ... ow ^_^;

cat_monster 2011-02-24 08:27


Originally Posted by Neki Ecko (Post 3502390)
Back to Topic: I think something might happen to Madoka's Mother.:twitch:

Madoka's mother? No way!
If that happens, I'll down in the dumps all day tomorrow....

mouhitori 2011-02-24 08:29

I'll put my bet on a Hitomi-centric episode. Maybe it's her turn to meet Kyuube?:D

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