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monir 2011-03-02 05:32

Durarara!! - Episode 25 Discussion / Poll [DVD Only Episode]
Welcome to the discussion thread for Durarara!!, Episode 25.

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omimon 2011-03-02 06:26

If Yuka Iguchi was Kururi instead then it would have been perfect.

ReddyRedWolf 2011-03-02 06:52

So those are Izaya's little sisters. They get along well with Shizuo even if treats them like annoying little sisters. The fan girl-yuri-incest is strong in these two.

Shizuo is really protective of his little brother Kasuka who happens to look like a certain Baccano character. LOL at his lively public persona and cool unemotional private persona. Quite a contrast from his brother.

Kasuka AKA Yuhei is on air searching for the best couple in Ikeburo. In the background Simon is doing some free advertising. Among the couples are Mika and Seiji, Mikado and Anri much to their denial but Mikado doing a pseudo confession. Celty and Shinra, Nami, the foursome Kadota, Saburo, Walker and Erika are watching. Incest Yandere is strong in Nami. While Erika went down Otome Road with her dirty fantasies when Shizuo and Izaya are caught on camera fighting. This is like Spiderman.

It all began with Izaya again trolling Shizuo because he is leaving town for a while. Said troll involves a guy threatening to kill Kasuka which Shizuo promptly took care of. Things escalate when gang members think they can take on Shizuo and Celty had to come personally to calm the situation. Too bad for she was too showy that Kinnosuke and his fellow bike patrol got wind of it chasing her. Sheesh all that weird stuff in Japan must have desensitized the police.

White Manju Bun 2011-03-02 10:05


That epi made me realize 1) how much I love this series, 2) there needs to be more.

Id never seen the infamous twins before...yeah I like them :heh: I was also surprised Shizzy treated them a heck of a lot different then Izaya, I figured he hated everyone in that family.

KASUKA WAS IN ANOTHER EPI!!! Boy he's like night and day when put in front of a camera.

Shinra and Celty are so adorable, Shinra going on about how they should go down and show theyre love but Celty can be filmed and he's having a little panic attack, Celty tells him to Shut Up so she doesnt miss anything on TV :heh:

The fight scene paired along with Erika's BL fantasies was hilarious. The "I just wanted to piss you off" line sums up those two perfectly.

I want more. I want another season. Now.

Nice that pretty much everyone made a cameo, tho I didnt see Shinra's dad.

Kanon 2011-03-02 16:36

This episode was incredible, in spite of the weird animation. Durarara is at its best when it doesn't try to do anything more than slice of life at Ikebukurou. The cast is just so wonderful.

We finally met the twins, and they fully delivered! The two of them are so cute. It's a shame their screentime was so low.

Are the Oriharas a ninja family or something? Izaya and his sisters are ridiculously dexterous. Furthermore, Izaya can cut down signpost with KNIVES. That's almost as preposterous as what Shizuo does. Seriously, what the hell? :heh:

Kasuka is an impressive actor. He acted so differently in this episode that I didn't even recognize him at first. I thought there was no way this lively and cheerful host could be the same deapan Kasuka we knew. The Russian Sushi interlude was hilarious :heh:


Originally Posted by White Manju Bun (Post 3513242)

That epi made me realize 1) how much I love this series, 2) there needs to be more.

Same here. I really hope they'll make a second season soon.

Blaat 2011-03-02 16:46

WTB second season.

Shiroth 2011-03-02 16:54

I'd actually go as far to say that was the best episode of DRRR. The elements we all came to love about the series were in full force here, and then some.

So many brilliant moments. Celty acting adorably shocked when she found out about Shizzy's brother being Kasuka (i honestly thought she knew this going by the content of episode 7), and further more finding out about Izaya having twin sisters Those two totally delivered, though it's a total shame that's all we've seen of them in action.

This episode also had by fat the best Shizzy vs Izaya fight. We knew Izaya was talented, though he must be some kind of ninja, it's the only explanation :heh:. Erika's path down otome road has to be by far the funniest moment of the episode. Shizzy and Izaya being the number of couple of Ikebukuro? I think so. :p

I wanted a second season, and now i want one even more after this episode.

Kallen4life 2011-03-02 16:55

I'd trade >9000 anime for an S2 DRRR

gave both specials 10/10 and probably the first 10 where every second deserves it

they seem to have gotten upgrades .. Izaya is like spiderman-deadshot-bullseye-shinobi(knife throwing) and Shizuo is like a medium-sized kaiju + indestructible by now .. breaking knives with his teeth is nice too

Xacual 2011-03-02 19:04

I think they played up Izaya and Shizuo's ninja skills too much. I mean we know there is supernatural and also ridiculously superhuman characters but I think it was just a little too much here.

The twins were interesting, kind of disappointed they didn't agree to kill their brother for Shizuo like I expected but it's obvious Shizuo doesn't mind them too much since despite talking to them he didn't get annoyed at all. He just didn't want them getting in the way of his brother's work.

Haladflire65 2011-03-02 22:37

Awesome episode with glorious Shizuo moments :heh: I liked Kasuka and the twins a lot, and the plot of the episode was nice and simple and straightforward, and pretty damn hilarious whenever they went to Kasuka's TV broadcast :heh: But I'm agreeing with Xacual about Ninja Izaya and Shizuo... I mean, really? This really reminded me how much I miss the show... I'd love an S2 D:

"Uke! Seme! Uke! Seme!" LOOOOOL :heh: :heh:

Xellos-_^ 2011-03-03 01:56

For the Baccano guest spot we had Ennis on a bill board.

Chase 2011-03-03 02:39

Awesome episode. The animations was definitely off at points. Looked weird compared to the show from S1. The twins were a surprise to say the least. Did Mairu actually kill that one dude?lol. I couldn't help but laugh at Erika, she was going bananas.:heh: Shizuo is his usual awesome self. And oh man, please Mikado get it right already with Anri:heh:.This episode just makes me miss this anime and wish for another season that much more.

Archon_Wing 2011-03-04 02:01

lol, did those two suddenly get an upgrade in powers? Shizuo flying around, rofl. :p

And wait, the twins kissed. What? That's so random. :heh:

MrTerrorist 2011-03-04 06:10


Originally Posted by Archon_Wing (Post 3516236)
And wait, the twins kissed. What? That's so random. :heh:

No really, i read that the twins are bisexual but prefer girls especially eachother.:naughty:

FlareKnight 2011-03-05 20:25

Well this was definitely a fun episode. The twins were pretty fun and it's too bad they have to be related to Izaya. Though might explain how everyone in that family seems to have some ninja powers :heh:. Still funny that they get along just fine with Shizuo. Nothing more than whining when he dragged them away from the shoot rather than trying to pull any counters (though probably wouldn't work anyways.)

Can't end things without a showdown between Izaya and Shizuo. Sometimes Izaya really does seem broken with those insane ninja moves, intelligence, and connections.

And really Mikado and Anri need to move things along. Though definitely more open thanks to that interview.

BlackMagister 2011-03-07 01:08

Yes this episode was my favorite just due to the general quirckyness of it. I enjoyed the drama mystery of Durarara, but this was a lot easier to enjoy.

I loved the comments about Izaya and Shizuo's relationship, fan fiction is definitely justified here.

MayumiAoki 2011-03-30 15:35

Lolol they were truly Izaya's sisters since they wanted to bug Shizuo XDDD and oh god Kasuka you're too much too handle as a actor XDDD always changing the show thats airing poor celty being chased again

Bikerider 2011-04-12 23:20

So..... Those are Izzy's little sisters... Yeah.. just as annoying as him....

Prime 2011-05-23 18:15

Do someone knows what is beeing said in the latest scan of Drrr!! in Animepaper? I can see cast and staff but I don't know what it means.

Or is it just an old scan that was not uploaded before? (Is the one that has to Kida, Mikado and Anri playing in a school sports field.)

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