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Mystique 2011-03-19 19:00

HELPING JAPAN (Donations / Assistances - Earthquake and Tsunami - March 11, 2011)

Outside of Japan:

  • Donate, donate donate!
    Vexx has already listed the Red Cross, which I will pinch and repost in here :)

  • Donate to Second Harvest:
    What is Second Harvest:

    2HJ is the nation’s first food bank.
    More than 650,000 people in Japan lack "food security", the access to safe, nutritious food through socially acceptable channels.
    At the same time, more than 6,000 metric tons of food is thrown away in Tokyo every day. If we can prevent this wastage and distribute a very small portion of this 6,000,000 kg, hundred-thousands of people may have secure access to food.
    Second Harvest Japan does not pay for “new food” because there is already an ample amount wasted for us to draw from. Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) collects food that would otherwise go to waste from food manufacturers, farmers, and individuals, and distributes them to people in need such as children in orphanages, battered women and their children in shelters, and the homeless in Japan.
    They are a legit company whose work has been published in both Japanese and English press in Japan, praising their efforts over the years. Obviously for now, the money is needed namely for transportation costs to get things up to the people, so donate where you can. :)
    You can donate via:
    - Credit Card,
    - Bank Transfer
    - or cheques (make sure to record your mail though)

Inside of Japan
There’s tooooons that we can do.
  • Donate money as well!
    If you can’t donate via the Red Cross website, you can also donate to the Japan Red Cross at Family Mart if their website reaches full capacity. Go to the green kiosk that looks like an ATM.
    1. Hit the 募金(bokin) button. It has a heart with Angel Wings
    2. Hit the Japanese Red Cross button
    3. Choose amount to donate
    4. Hit OK, print receipt
    5. Take receipt to cashier and pay there
    Along the way there will be several confirmation screens. Just hit the OK button.

  • Donate much needed goods and items!
    Second harvest:
    For us within Japan, they need items more than money.,0.01929&z=16
    Their main branch is in Asakusa Bridge, not too far from Akihabara, so to save to postal costs, if you round up a bunch of items, feel free to go to the HQ and donate directly.
    Here’s their latest plea:

    A list of food items and other necessities with highest priority
    ・rice, canned foods, pouch-packed foods (unexpired)
    ・ cassette gas, battery cells, Kairos(portable hand warmer)
    ・ baby diapers, infant formula powder milk, baby solid foods, adult diapers(unopened)
    sanitary napkins, toilet paper, wet tissues, face masks, portable toilets (unopened)
    ・ antiseptics, external medications including adhesive bandages(unopened)
    Voices from the ground:
    We’d appreciate it if you can collect as much larger number the SAME items as possible. It is difficult to provide those items if they are not enough to provide all of the recipients. This will also make our sorting-out process a lot easier. It would also be a great help if you could collect donations on a community level(e.g. your community, company and school)and ship them at once. Thank you for your caring and continuous support!
  • Offer accommodation
    If you have some room to spare, you can offer accommodation to someone left homeless by the earthquake:

  • Volunteer as translator/interpreter
    For those that are fluent in Japanese, you can put yourself on a JALT list to volunteer for translating and interpreting. You can specify if you are only available to do online interpreting. Please only volunteer of you are confident of translating/interpreting concisely. JALT Website

  • Be correctly informed
    Common Japanese words and vocabulary that appear in the news, here’s an ongoing compiled list of them. (I’ve sure learnt tones this week alone given all the nuclear stuff going on) :\
    Earthquake Japanese Vocabulary

I was also gonna add the 'donate blood' link, but it only seems to be giving infomation for the Kyuushuu and Nagasaki areas :\
Also I'm not sure of the rules for foreigners donating, but definitely look up and pass by your local blood bank anyways :)

For those in the 23 wards of Tokyo like me who are the super lucky ones to miss out on the power cuts, conserve energy!
Unplug equipment from sockets when not in use, turn off lights, be strict with your AC usage and carry a torch just in case.
Prepare your emergency bag and pack and stay safe as best as you can. :)
Remember alike many other places in the world, the suffering doesn't end once the media switch off the cameras.
For one of mankinds biggest earthquakes of all time + major tsunami damage, this tragedy will linger for a long time.
So keep on donating over the year, create your donation drives and keep us in your hearts as much as possible despite going on with your daily lives.

Many thanks!

PS: Any Japanese natives/other translators, feel free to translate my post into JP and post around Japanese websites/blogs. Many natives seem to be at a loss of what to do, so here's a lil guiding light for them :)

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