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koreanboo14 2004-03-27 05:20

UR recomendations for anime to download
i'd really like to kno which anime's r good to download, cuz i've been downloading random ones.. n alot of them... suck.... so plz, suggest, cuz i would like to kno instead of wasteing my time! thx alot people

NoSanninWa 2004-03-27 05:25

While I can ramble on for hours about good anime, I doubt that you would like all of them. It would be easier for us to know which ones you'd like if you gave us an example of which animes you have already enjoyed, but on the off-chance that you've never watched an anime and thus have no idea what you might like, here are a few of my favorite selections:
  • Condor Hero - Think of the best Hong Kong martial arts movie that you've ever seen. This is strong on characterization and drama with some really kick-ass fights thrown in for good measure. If I was going to liken it to anything in particular I would say that it most resembles "Crouching Tiger, Hiden Dragon."
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Lots of fun, lot of action, lots of really enjoyable characters. Just to top things off it even has a good bit of its own brand of philosophy. Not a bad mix, it is light and fun with enough seriousness to keep you coming back for more.
  • One Piece: Fun action anime with lots of battles featuring outrageous powers and shocking brutality. Topped off with lots of outrageous physical humor. It is just plain one of the most purely fun anime I have ever watched.

Secca 2004-03-27 05:46

Usually people have some certain genre they like when they watching anime, what kind do you like? Comedy, romance, action, sci fi, fantasy? I can recomend some good anime if you will share what interest you. ^^

koreanboo14 2004-03-29 06:17

ooo, um, any kind is fine, just ne that rn't hella stupid... like the ones i've been watching.. which r pointless.. n i wonder how they ever got aired.... but any kind of genre is fine, wutever is good

by the way.. thx NoSanninWa for listing some

Secca 2004-03-29 07:04

I would recomend One Piece too, good series.

Also I would recomend:

Maria sama ga Miteru - About a sisterhood and their relationship with each other, it's very interesting if you like drama. This series actually quite popular, you can find it's own forum on animesuki if you want to know more.

Onegai Twins - This is the second season of Onegai Teacher. It's a romance comedy about a boy and 2 girls living together. One of the girl is actually his real sister, but he's not sure who. It's a good series if you enjoy romance drama.

Scrapped Princess - This is a sci-fi fantasy genre, about a princess in exile because she was propechied she will destroy the world someday. A must see if you like Record of Lodoss War or any fantasy genre.

Spiral - This is a mystery detective genre. The main character is being followed by mystery and conspiracy, it's up to him to solve the puzle and hoping he stay alive in the process.

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