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ElvenPath 2004-03-27 11:40

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (aka Projet ACES) is still in development on PlayStation 2 by Namco for a planned release in Japan at the end of the year. One of the new in-game features will be the possiblility to give orders to the other members of your group by radio. Here are some of the first screenshots:

SassyRobot 2004-04-15 22:02

Wow that looks awesome! I have Ace Combat 4 and it's a blast. I love flying games and there aren't enough good ones out there! Another of my favourite flight games is Pilot Wings 64, eventhough it's fairly different than Ace Combat - since that one i guess is more of a 'sim' one. Can't wait for it get over here (Canada/North America) but if it's coming out around the end of this year in Japan, that means it'll be awhile...

Limiter 2004-04-17 06:58

Ace Combat was the only flight simulation I like. Yep, Ace Combat 4 was a great game. I wonder how are they gonna make this sequel better. Aside from graphics.

BME 2004-04-17 09:41

This game is on the top of my wishlist (aside from MGS3 & FFXII)

I really love AC04 (although itīs far to easy on the Ace-difficulty) I remember when I first got the X-02 on the the second last mission and I couldn't believe how cool it was, and then when i turned on the afterburners it revealed its swing-wing technology.

I really like that AC05 is going to be in the same world as AC04, just to bad that itīs seems to ahve the F/A-18 Hornet instead of the cooler F/A-18D Super Hornet, I just hope that they include the JAS-39 Gripen in this game, I mean they had it, the J-35 Draken & the JA-37 Viggen in AC02.

I really like that they are including more active wingmen like those in AC02.

I hope the story is good to, this one seems to be character driven, I just hope that the main character is good. That I really liked with AC04, you could make up your own pilot from your imagination, all Namco decided for you was your call name, and in the final mission when you had an entire squadron with your name on it you couldn't help feeling cool.

ChunKyXL 2004-04-19 06:11

Yippiekayee, a new Ace Combat!
I've played 04 and man that was quite a beauty, but i think ace 03 (the japanese version with all the anime and ingame happenings, the pal version just sucked) is my favourite of the two. Hope ace 5 can combine the graphics from 4 and the anime feel of 03...

Limiter 2004-04-19 07:06

I just hope they DONT go overboard put any unrealistic/futuristic fighters. and goes for the missions aswell. (e.g no aliens and stuff)

its pretty unreal to have so many missisle stock on for your fighter. but that goes in the gameplay...but if they can somehow alter that. hmm..

giving orders is great. I wonder if they can make the player order an entire air fleet (100+planes).... :twitch:

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