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MrTerrorist 2011-04-29 02:12

Agrippa. A action manga based on Vercingetorix
In 52 B.C., the Chieftain of the Arveni tribe, Vercingetorix, united the Gauls in a major revolt against the power of the Romans. This is his story, beginning with his rise to power. In one of the tribes, he rescues the 11 year old Taranis, the only son of a Gallic hero who was executed by the Romans. Taranis follows Vercingetorix as he raises his army to fight for the freedom of Gaul.

Now this is a great manga i found. If you know Roman history, then you know who Vercingetorix is. Vercingetorix was a Gaul warrior who united his people against the Romans lead by Julius Caesar.

Spoiler for ch1:

If your fan of historical action mangas like Vinland Saga, you might enjoy this.

Xagzan 2011-04-29 11:30

I read the first chapter, I liked it.

But I do love historical based series, even though I've barely read any. I always had Historie on my list but never got around to it, and I read about 20 chapters of the Ravages of Time before very reluctantly stopping, since I just could not follow what the hell was going on anymore, and there were no chapter summaries anywhere. I mean, I didn't know if I was pronouncing any of the names right in my head, plus iirc some of the characters looked ridiculously similar, and there was a battle going on and I largely had no idea who was on whose side or what they were trying to accomplish. Maybe the problem was me, who knows, but it was pure chaos.

Rant aside, I do have modest hopes for this series.

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