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Alphadice 2011-05-07 18:19

Anime Like Shuffle!
Well, I've seen threads like this before, however, I need to redefine the themes and genres I'm looking for, versus what others with similar searches. I'm looking for animes that are harem. I'm looking for one that's exactly like Shuffle! Multiple girls after one guy. I do enjoy the comedy aspect, but I love when there's drama involved. So I'm looking for a harem anime, with drama, comedy, and romance respectively. And I love when there's some fanservice in there. I've seen Sekirei, and that was the closest thing I had seen to Shuffle! Now I'm watching Girls Bravo, and it's hilarious, but there isn't enough drama. I started Clannad and so far it's okay. Also, I'd love it if the animes you guys suggest would be english dubbed.

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