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MrTerrorist 2011-05-10 09:58

The Three Times (Manhwa)
Hina, a Japanese foreign student. Junho, sufferer of Elite OCD. Won, a girl with her own way of seeing the world. A campus life story of these three people. Deals with the issues of Japanese, Korean and global society.

The author, Yellow Goo Mi, was born in Japan, but since her parents are Korean, the Japanese government will not give her a Japanese citizenship (which is considered a problem in some aspects; these people are slightly alienated by the 'real' Japanese people in society, despite their extremely Japanese upbringing). As a person with a Japanese and Korean heritage, she writes about the problems in modern Japanese and Korean society, plus the global society in more recent chapters.

After reading the first 16 chapters, i got hooked with this manhwa. I like the story of people trying to fit in a foreign country or the ever changing society. My favorite character has to be Hina since i sympathize her, due to her being half Japanese and Korean as she tries to fit in studying in Korea. I love the friends she made especially Won but i laugh on how her friends assume she musta like anime since she's from Japan!:D

As for the male lead, Junho, it's kinda mixed. On one hand, i can't believe how rude and dense he is to people yet at the same time, i understand he's in a culture shock after leaving civilian life to serve in the army.

I recommend this to anyone if your looking for a good read.

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