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dot_rain 2003-11-16 00:38

What type of woman/man you want to be with ?
And what type of boyfriend/gurlfriend you used to want to be with ?
Hopefully people will be honest to themself.

Lst2touchdasky 2003-11-16 00:42

Hmm hard question. Some one wierd, i get bored if they have a perfectly normal personality

Tomomi 2003-11-16 00:48

Hmm, anything will do as long as he treats me well and is truthful. :D

gravitation 2003-11-16 08:20

ermm well im not to sure, i would like someone nice but i do have this image in my head of a kool boyfriend (kinda anime like) : He is taller than me *like guys taller than me* hes got a kool sexy dress sense...and he is like the person in control kinda and he lets me rest on his shoulder and chest etc...ermm i want to be uke (bottom) and ermm i want him to be smart and attractive....ermm funny...well basically the perfect guy lol ^__^ sorry if i didnt explain well ^__^

Koshiba 2003-11-16 09:31

Well.. I like people who are really intelligent... Funny too, to make me laugh. Although my dream guy is Koshiba Tetsuta from the manga Penguin Brothers. Someone like him. :P As for looks.. Honestly, I could care less. Although I do like it when guys have nice hair... I really hate really short hair.

As for girlfriends.. Someone like Motoko from Love Hina. xD

0ink 2003-11-16 10:16

I want myself, if i cant have that i dont want anything.

Edit: I have really really short hair... kinda have to. I need it for my "job" ;)

Gaara11 2003-11-16 10:23

I want a cute, sexy girl w/ d-cup boobs (priority) ........ and intelligence, kindness, responsible and other less important things :heh: .

dot_rain 2003-11-16 10:59


Originally Posted by Tomomi
Hmm, anything will do as long as he treats me well and is truthful. :D

How about a pig ^^ sorry , just kidding

Wandering A.I. 2003-11-16 11:05

About the only thing I look for is someone who isn't a bitchy whiner/complainer. So many girls seem to think they are doing you a favor or something by going out with you and that it's all your job to make everything work and put up with them and their attitude. Every time I see a friend going out with one of the above I just want to smack them for encouraging the selfish twits. ^^ It's so much better to just find someone who can handle an equal relationship where you both try to make it fun and rewarding.

krel 2003-11-16 11:55

i want to be with a woman/man type. :p


0ink 2003-11-16 13:10


Originally Posted by dot_rain
How about a pig ^^ sorry , just kidding

Bah, just so you know were quite nice so it was a good suggestion. :o

Now, on to other things. :naughty:


NenMaster 2003-11-16 13:53

i duuno but when i see her i will know

0ink 2003-11-16 16:59

Hmm ok seriously this time. Ill be true to myself as you put it. Boy wont you think im a wierdo or a dreamer...

Ive already given it up so no use telling me that ;)

Type: Girlfriend
Model: Whatever she comes as.
Attitude: Kind, like me. Godess of love itself. Good manners.
Age: Got a thing for girls one year younger than me. Dont know why, a fetish maybe. ;)

Brain: Yes please, some intelligence. Interest in philosophy and martial arts... big plus.

Looks: Well, brr i hate this part. No supermodel kind of thing. I want the cutelook. Average thin, and breasts... small-medium (damn im making a jackass of myself :P). A bit shorter then me. Deepblue/green eyes (the clear kind, eyes are everything for me).

The sad part is that we make up stuff like this while we are well aware of the fact that it never will come true.

Ah well.

Now when ive ridiculed myself to no end ill be hiding in a mountain far away. Bye bye now. See you next year :)

Tzurial 2003-11-16 17:21

Lets see, 2 reocurring 'themes' when I get dumped 'Tzurial, youre too weird' (get over it) and ' Tzurial, youre not 'affectionate enough' (so what if I dont like holding hands and physical contact creeps me out! Thats no reason to end a relationship!!)

So if I can find someone who can tolerate me talking to my toast and -will not!!- rub my back..then maybe it'll work

other than that, I think the whole perfect guy/girl thing is a little one sided. Ofcourse theres a perfect person for me, but Im pretty sure I wont be the perfect person for them. so ohwell, its not worth it to worry

0ink 2003-11-16 19:21

Very very true tzurial.

One sided love is the only true love. Or something... yeah im trying to be smart here...

Subaru-kun 2003-11-16 19:24

Simply put, none. I'm more of an introvert, and being alone my whole life would generally be my preferred option. Although I really wouldn't mind being in some sort of sexual relationship with a woman, it probably wouldn't go further than that, as lately I've begun to feel as if I, as a person, lack the emotional capacity to love another person. I'd much rather be cold and distant.

Hot Ice 2003-11-16 19:55

Someone who I can relate to emotionally. Someone who's communicative and submissive. Someone who's deep and tends to provoke my curiousity.

I'm shallow to some degree (and so is everyone else, I think), so looks count as well.

gravitation 2003-11-16 20:00


I'm shallow to some degree (and so is everyone else, I think),
i think your rite, most ppl are a bit shallow... i am. I do want the person i love to be attractive but i would never go out with someone just coz they look good, they have to be smart etc ^_^

JAppi 2003-11-16 20:03

I don't think I really have an ideal girl. The girl I'm going out with is probably the exact opposite of every standard I've had in my life. Except she's a little weird like me :)

s0nicfreak 2003-11-16 22:05

chicks; I just like ones that look good.

guys; I want to be with WuFei Chang, if only he were real :( but since he's not, my second choice is - Someone who;
Likes computers, games, anime, and hentai
Wants to get it on
Has nice hair
Is not black
And is not underage

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