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Pellissier 2011-05-29 04:06

Hanasaku Iroha - Episode 9 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Hanasaku Iroha, Episode 9.

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Roger Rambo 2011-05-29 06:35

"Hanasaku Iroha episode 9:Kissui Inn's Longest Day"

Someone on the writing staff is a fan of old war movies.

Suddenlly I'm imagining the cast of Hanasaku Iroha in either the Longest Day, or Saving Private Ryan with Iron Maiden blaring in the backround.

Midonin 2011-05-29 09:55

Spoiler for HSI 09 - Dance of a Thousand Authors:

serenade_beta 2011-05-29 10:03

Ah yes, Kou-chan comes... and goes without meeting Ohana.
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-... ( ゚д゚)、ペッ

Guess you can't start the drama without passing the half-way point. 2 cour..........

At least Ohana didn't start a complete ruckus at the wedding place. ( -_-)

Peanutbutter 2011-05-29 10:19

I think I read that Ep 10 was supposed to be godly. Now how does that work?

Anyway, another great episode. Pity to see Kou-chan go back without seeing her.

About the old lady and her daughter, the daughter was voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara, did she pulled her real mum in to act as her mum? :twitch:

.x.crii.x. 2011-05-29 10:20


I'm from happiness-

MeoTwister5 2011-05-29 10:29

I can feel a storm and a war brewing...

deadite 2011-05-29 10:31

Oh dear introducing a new girl in Ko's life? Ohana realizing her feelings but its too late.

Pocari_Sweat 2011-05-29 10:32

Choo choo! Here comes the drama train! :heh:. This feels like
Spoiler for Episode 9:

Spoiler for Episode 10 Preview:

Will do an full reception of the episode tomorrow. I'm very tired at the moment.

satomianzaki 2011-05-29 10:34

if i were ohana i'll go with the more mature one...ahahaha... :D

deadite 2011-05-29 10:45

IMO Ko should be commended. He would just be a bother/nuisance to Ohana during this time and popping up unexpectedly isn't appropriate. He swallowed his pride and went back.

ID555 2011-05-29 11:04

Hmm... a subplot of Ko in danger of being eaten by his senior at work doesn't sound so bad....

Sebasu 2011-05-29 11:15


Blaat 2011-05-29 11:24

To be absolutely clear, why didn't Ohana call the inn and ask for Tohru's full name so that the attendants can actually check the list? Just giving a given name is rather pointless.
Then again they could have easily called the place from the inn and ask for him. :heh:

Also the Kou scenes really reminded me of 5 cm per second, I suppose it's the combination of the train ride and trying to meet the girl you like. Ah well that's as far as I can go with the 5 cm/s comparison any more I'll be doing that movie a disservice. :)

My favourite part of the episode was when Minchi said "Then whatever", such a great reply.

ipodi 2011-05-29 11:33


Originally Posted by Blaat (Post 3630593)
To be absolutely clear, why didn't Ohana call the inn and ask for Tohru's full name so that the attendants can actually check the list? Just giving a given name is rather pointless.

It appears that they can't give out the names of those who attend the wedding. As you recall, they refuse to let Ohana go through the list.

I am very glad that all the dire predictions from other posters about how Ohana's impulsive behavior is only used to set up the drama over a potential love triangle did not come true. Phew...

Kanon 2011-05-29 11:38

My face when Ko went back home without even catching sight of Ohana. Incidentally, I loved that scene (Nako's, I mean). I absolutely loved the rest of the episode too. This series never fails to bring a smile to my face, and it's more than enough for me to love it.


Originally Posted by deadite (Post 3630547)
IMO Ko should be commended. He would just be a bother/nuisance to Ohana during this time and popping up unexpectedly isn't appropriate. He swallowed his pride and went back.

Yes, it makes sense story wise, however I still can't help but feel trolled after all this build-up. We've known he's been planning to visit Ohana for a while, and right when we think it's going to happen, they have him spend two episodes riding trains before going home with his tail between his leg. At least, we got some sweet phone conversations between the two of them out of the whole deal. Ko's advice was kind of bad though: "don't think things out, do whatever you feel like and it'll work out"; thankfully this is anime and the rules of the real world don't apply.

The end of the episode doesn't bode well. That girl is too well designed to be irrelevant (<- flawless logic, I know). Maybe Ko will be the one to friendzone Ohana in the end...

In the meantime, Tohru keeps falling harder for her. She obviously scored some major points with him in this episode, even if she didn't mean to.

PS: Once again, Itou Kanae's performance was amazing. She's fully part of the reasons I like this anime so much :)

.x.crii.x. 2011-05-29 11:47

Agree with above posts concerning new girl. Her character design is very well...designed? I bet $10 bucks she's going to be relevant to the story. Most likely will either capture Ko´s heart or strive to. :P

And as for the screencaps being suggestive:

I thought the same thing too until I actually watched the episode. But to that I say this:

For a 26 episode anime, it would be kind of foolish to just outright have "someone fall for the other". So I think its really refreshening that they're building up the TooruxOhana tension slowly.

And new episode preview with Tooru checking Ohana´s temperature. Blushing...xD; And I can't help but admire the animation details, I mean, you can see Tooru's reflection in Ohana's eyes. O:

deadite 2011-05-29 11:50

anyone check the credits for her name?

frubam 2011-05-29 11:52

Certainly didn't expect him not to show up at all. At least, as it should be, Ohana explained why she was going after Tohru, alleviating any misunderstanding from that angle. Still, the slight hinting at Tohana get's me worried(for shipping reasons) =0<.

I do feel kinda bad for Ko though. He's been planning to see Ohana for quite some time, only for him to realize that she's busy with her 'new' life, so I understand his reluctance to visit her. I wonder if he sees her in a less romantic light now, if only slightly? I don't think he'll be randomly visiting her anymore, though I'm curious as to under what circumstances will allow them to meet each other.

Tohru's certainly seeming less and less like a hardass with each passing episode.

Pocari_Sweat 2011-05-29 12:00

Actually stuff it, I'll write my reception now.

Spoiler for Episode 9:

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