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Hiroi Sekai 2011-06-01 16:05

EMDAS 2011 - June (Power and Control!) Entry Thread
Entries! (June 1-23)
Welcome to the June EMDAS Writing Competition!
Theme: Power and Control!

May Winner: lordshadowisle - "Zexox"

This month's theme is 'power and control'. "The power word is 'Dominion'.
Do you seek to dominate, to rule? What do you control? Or, are you even the sovereign of your own actions?" -lordshadowisle

Entries must be submitted by June 23 (check countdown). You are permitted to post drafts and updates on this page; to submit a final copy, update the post with Final Entry written along with it. Once you have done this, you are not allowed to edit your entry any further, so be sure to fully proofread it before doing so.

felix 2011-06-01 16:56

Looks like I will be updating Knightmare.

Nice to see alonger entry period, it’s pretty hectic for me at the moment.

Thx mario. :)

WordShaker 2011-06-02 06:54

Ack! Ahh, it's another hard theme. Damn you, m'lord!

lordshadowisle 2011-06-02 11:30


Muhahaha!!! This is revenge for the cruel and unusual punishment of being forced to come up with a theme.

Hooves 2011-06-16 03:17

It's coming close to deadline and surprise there were no entires so far o.o? Maybe they will start to pop out closer to the deadline.

Hiroi Sekai 2011-06-16 03:25

I will undoubtedly submit something once my last final exam is handed in this Friday. Right before 3D Ocarina of Time comes out - gotta be quick!

xObserveRx 2011-06-17 01:17

I'll be whipping something up before long. I'll make it in too.

felix 2011-06-19 18:02

867 words. If I find more time I’ll edit it and add some more to it if I have the time, been kinda busy.

This is part 3 of Act I.

Act I - Penumbra


As Lilet woke Warwind and his goons stood there in disbelief.
“Lilet, give me the sword.” said Warwind as he slowly moved forward
“Don’t worry dear, it’s me, your father’s friend.”
“My father’s friend?” said Lilet with vision still blurry…
“My father’s friend… WOULDN’T try to kill me!”
She pulled the shaft out of the floor. As she budged it out the shaft pulsed with power and a smoking sword emerged as if carved from diamond. She then swung it at Warwind and as he ducked the sword carved out his right eye. The rest of his goons went crazy and arms in hand charged at her from all sides at once. She blocked one spear, cut another, but all the others pierce all the way though her. As they pulled their spears out Lilet fell to the ground—as it would seem, dead again. After a minute waiting on her to so even blink the men were convinced she was dead and put their arms at ease.

No sooner they took in a sigh of relief that one of them falls to the ground, dead. The others man their spears again and scream “The BITCH is still alive” but as they look towards her Lilet is still down, lifeless, motionless, and silent as a stone. As they all shake in fear Warwind, still recovering from the pain of losing his eye, screams and moans: “Behind you fools! Behind YOU!”, but his words were spoken a moment too late, as before they can even turn around three of them go down to a sword to the neck, much to all the other’s horror.
“Who are you bastard!” one of the man screams while shaking in his boots
“Who cares who he is, just KILL HIM!” yelled Warwind
“Kill me? And how are dead men, to kill me?” the man said
As the soldiers try to move forward their bones start to ache and their muscles hurt. One falls to the ground, shaking, another tries to lean on his broken spear, but his strength gives way and he nearly impales himself in it instead. Warwind runs out the door. As he goes though the halls he can hear the last of his men’s screams and pleads for their lives as the man from before finishes them off. “I’ll get my revenge… someday. They’ll see…” he thinks to himself. But as he approaches the exit the man falls down from the floor above and with sword wrenched in blood walks towards him.
“Wait… don’t kill me! Please! I have money, I can pay you!” pleads Warwind with as his legs give way
“Too late for that old man. You like your men are already dead.” said the man
Warwind starts coughing blood.
“No… Nooo!” he yells as a tremedous pain surges though his entire body
“The pain of losing your right eye has given you some immunity to the paralysing effect of the poison.”
“But you’re all out of time.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll make it quick… just like with the rest of your men.”
A day has passed. The blood of Warwind now adorns the halls like a rug and crows gather outside to the stench of rotting flesh. In the room where Lilet fell, the corpses of Warwind's, former, men are scattered all over, all with a piercing wound to the heart. All corpses lie rotting, all except for one, which is nowhere to be seen.

Several weeks pass, and in a mountain a collector meets with a cloaked man; one of his trusted supliers of exotic artifacts. On one hand the man has a scepter of some kind, or so the collector thought. The sceptor seemed old but the markings on it were very vivid, yet undecipherable. The man asks for the origin of the scepter to which the other man explains how it was once a weapon, a sword. It’s blade was this magnificinet dimond and the markings on it were burning red as if the fires of hell flowed though them, but when I tried to swing it to cut a piece of wood the magnficent blade of dimond shatterd, and in time the dimon melted and the water from it evaporated into nothingness. After a while the markings also started to fade. The collector nodds and petts his bear and asks of the swords origins. The man paused for a moment and then explains that he only knew of the swords last owner, a girl who wilded it, but that girl is dead, and her body was burned in holy fire because it did not rot. Now nothing remains of her, and the secrets of the blade probably died with her; so the man explains.

The collector did not ask any more questions afterwards and before long they had agreed on a fair price in silver and gold coin, and the shaft that had led Lilet to her doom was now just a set piece in a the empty house of some rich bastard in the northern mountain mining town of Six Forks, there it stood silent, and empty.

lordshadowisle 2011-06-20 12:06

Meh, only a cunning person could have written this :eyespin:

Spoiler for Overlord of None:

felix 2011-06-20 13:05

@lordshadowisle, that’s clever. I like it.

Hiroi Sekai 2011-06-21 05:04

A little different from what I usually write.

Spoiler for Symbols:

Last Sinner 2011-06-21 14:08

Frist time participating in this. I had several ideas over the course of the last few weeks. But about 4 hours ago, one weird idea suddenly clicked in my head and seemed far more appropriate than anything else I'd come up with.

Fairly different to what I'd normally write, but I enjoyed doing this one. Word count check came in at 1490 words. Enjoy and good luck to all.

Spoiler for Welcome Back:

WordShaker 2011-06-22 19:11

Spoiler for You Can't Help It:

Well, it's a little late to be entirely appropriate, but hey! I got it in.

xObserveRx 2011-06-23 01:35

Hope I'm not too late!

It was a little rushed, so there may be some rust remaining. Went over it as best I could.

Spoiler for The Plan:

Hooves 2011-06-23 01:46

:eyespin: seems I coudn't get into yet another EMDAS. This theme was too hard for me to think of something, but I wish everyone else the best of luck :D

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