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Pellissier 2011-06-05 03:39

Hanasaku Iroha - Episode 10 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Hanasaku Iroha, Episode 10.

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.x.crii.x. 2011-06-05 08:32

Canīt wait till the subs come out. 8D

Pocari_Sweat 2011-06-05 08:57

Did you actually watch raws cause you were impatient :3?

.x.crii.x. 2011-06-05 09:00

Nah, I just stalked the 2chan thread. xD;;

I wish I had just woken up at 10 a.m. That's around the time the subs are out so I donīt have to wait. :P But noooo, I just had to wake up early today. =.=;;

Freeter 2011-06-05 09:39

Spoiler for 10:

Midonin 2011-06-05 09:57

Spoiler for The Hotel King 10 - Bats in the Belfry:

DragoonKain3 2011-06-05 10:06

On one hand, the end of the episode was disturbing for me as it shows Ko disappearing with Ohana crying. On the other hand, its still Ko who she writes to if she needs to get something off her chest, and the preview has her desperately shouting at him asking for help. What to think... XD

And shoo Toru, just be happy with Minchi lol. I knew you were trouble from episode one. :heh:

.x.crii.x. 2011-06-05 10:26

xDD Its so obvious Tooru has fallen for Ohana. And the porridge scene, GOLD. xDD I was laughing so hard all through it. Oh Tooru, you are such a fool when in love. xD

And the ending scene with Ohana and Ko...foreshadowing that she's chosen Kissuiso over him? O:

Midnight Bliss 2011-06-05 10:35

Yes, I think that's what it's saying. Between choosing Ko and everyone at Kissuiso or Kissuiso itself, she would now choose Kissuiso.

Well, we got trolled since the very beginning. Tooru is definitely falling badly for Ohana fast, though. He got flustered all over the place when he went to visit her, and when he heard she collapsed he was the one that shouted in concern, which Minko noticed throughout the whole episode already that he likes Ohana and is getting extremely jelly. FABULOUS. <3 Tooru and Ohana are just too cute. I love how he was the first one that was extremely serious and concerned about her and immediately started planning what to cook for her.

Not sure what to make of next week's preview, but it ends with Ohana shouting at Ko to help her. I think it'll be a flashback episode about her life before the start of the series when she moves to Kissuiso. It would be a bit boring, imo.

This episode actually confused me though. Like the whole change of the scenes without knowing what's going on, and the dreams she had as well as Minko's. And the shrine girl, what's up with her? Hope we'll know soon in the future. Those small little things sometimes get to bother me.

Peanutbutter 2011-06-05 10:36

And this episode was supposed to be godly...? Huh?

Pretty much a meh episode with a few weird scene transitions, namely, Ohana suddenly walking around, and into the kitchen then switching back to her, and the dreams etc.

Looks like there will be discussion on a few things, namely, the symbolism of the girl and the fox, and Kou-chan's continued role in this, and of course, Tohru's outright blushing at Ohana (those lips were gorgeous though.)

ipodi 2011-06-05 10:38


Originally Posted by Freeter (Post 3640001)
Spoiler for 10:

Spoiler for ep:

This episode was hyped up before it got aired, now I felt I had been trolled majorly. It did not foreshadow any new major conflicts ahead nor has any of the old conflicts (romance, Ohana's relationship with her mom) moved forward or been resolved. This is still a charming episode, but the hype is way overblown.

revive4563 2011-06-05 10:42


Originally Posted by .x.crii.x. (Post 3639953)
Nah, I just stalked the 2chan thread. xD;;

You are a true mania as I thought.:p

Spoiler for Episode 10:

.x.crii.x. 2011-06-05 10:45

lol revive, I'm sorry. I was just impatient. xD;;

Next episode seems like itīll be a flashback. And Ohana finally over Ko? O: Makes me wonder. Though that ending scene with her and Ko really forshadowed her going farther and farther away from him.

And Minko has realized that Tooru is "goo goo ga ga" over Ohana. I did kind of feel a bit bad for her, but alas, heartbreaks happen. xD;;

Pocari_Sweat 2011-06-05 10:55

Er... Nothing happened this episode?

So I guess the "godly" part Mishida Kel was referring to was just the animation. It was indeed very pretty. However, this episode felt like a typical episode from Aria more than anything. It was peaceful, soothing, lighthearted but nothing over-the-top, but there wasn't anything outstanding that happened apart from:

Spoiler for Regarding Tooru x Ohana:

Was expecting some drama given last week's preview, but it turned out to be a bait and switch. Sigh.

TheEroKing 2011-06-05 10:59

Spoiler for Nako the Goddess:

Spoiler for Nako confirmed lesbian for Ohana :D:

MeoTwister5 2011-06-05 11:13

Goddammit Ko don't give up on her!

Comments tomorrow after I stop raging and rooting for the underdog.

marcosius 2011-06-05 11:18

Abstract of the episode

Midnight Bliss 2011-06-05 11:27


Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 (Post 3640117)
Goddammit Ko don't give up on her!

Comments tomorrow after I stop raging and rooting for the underdog.

Actually, I think it's HER giving up on him... :D

deadite 2011-06-05 11:28

Ohana's dream really creeped me out especially with the loli goddess and the fox. I wonder if that will become important later for the festival.

Arabesque 2011-06-05 11:28

What a strange episode.

I mean, I liked it a lot. The direction of the episode in particular was pretty great, the artwork was (as usual) excellent, and as acejem pointed out this was very Aria like in mood, so I felt pretty relaxed watching it. It's the second episode I liked this week along with AnoHana and rated with 10, so overall I was pretty satisfied after last week where I was at a loss for words with episode 9.

But damn if that wasn't weird. What unfolded here was arguably pretty ... surreal? Yeah, I think it was pretty surreal overall. Really loved it, but this is the second time in a row that Iroha had left me feeling strange.

Must dig deeper apparently.

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