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haunterex 2004-03-29 07:06

discovery from chapter 20 and chapter 31

haunterex 2004-03-29 21:58


BigFire 2004-03-29 22:11

Use the Manga discussion thread.

Originally Posted by haunterex
no one has anything to comment? =(

Yes, this has been discussed before. However, you'll find that you'll get better response in the manga discussion thread.

Akkhan 2004-11-24 11:29

Stuff I add to this!
Alright I'll set people straight just because I hate how wrong everything looks.

1. the 6 of 7 sins that I have seen are Lust Gluttony Envy Greed Sloth and Wrath
2. Who was created by who? I only know 4 of the 6 I mentioned.
Lust was created by Scar's brother, as she was his brother's (that's Scar's brother's) girlfriend. Sloth was created by Ed and Al, being that that's their mom (yes the secretary). Wrath was created by Ed and Al's teacher, who's name I didn't catch and I read on another thread someone thought she was a homonculus; to them I shout "Wrong tattoo, idiots! Al has it too! As does Ed! It's her symbol!" Greed was created by Dante, the teacher of the one who created Wrath.

People seem to be coming up with super-far-fetched things that they think happened and it annoys me because most of them only saw 25 episodes. You need to see a little more than half of the series for anyone to really consider anything you say. I've seen 34 episodes, up until Greed died, and I still have yet to see the last sin (whom I think is in the next episode) and any trace of Hohenheim, who I hear plays a larger role in the Manga.

These are what I have seen, not speculation. (Dante created Greed and I know this because he went to her house he remembered and he saw his bones there before a bunch of stuff happened that led to him being killed.)

Akkhan 2004-11-24 11:33

I probably won't check this site again, but whatever. Have fun watching FMA.

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