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relentlessflame 2011-06-22 13:01

Request for New Threads
This sub-forum is limited, and you cannot create new threads here. But it is almost certain that the show you want to discuss already has a thread or maybe even a sub-forum, so please use the Search feature (located in the menu above) to find it. When looking at the thread listing in this sub-forum, you can also click on the "Show Subforum List" button to reveal the the sub-forums in this section.

Please note that threads and sub-forums will be moved from the Current Series section to the Older Series section about one month after the final episode airs. Sub-forums in the Older Series section will also move to the Retired section after several years. Shows that have not yet aired can typically be found in the Upcoming Series section. So, again, please use the "Search" feature if you're unable to find the series you want to discuss. While searching, be sure to check the spelling and try alternate spellings if you're unsure.

If you've performed the searches, looked through the sections, and still can't find a thread or a sub-forum for the Current or Older series you want to discuss, then you may create a new thread for the show in the Upcoming Series sub-forum. As soon as the thread is created, please use the "Report Post" option to notify the staff so they can move it to the most appropriate sub-forum. Please only do this if you're sure that no discussion thread exists elsewhere; people who neglect to search and create needless threads may receive warnings from the Staff.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of the members of the Moderation Team.

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