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Betaone 2004-03-29 23:01

BT: Disconnectes My Cable Internet
i dont know why.. everytime im downloading from bt after couple hours or mins even my internet gets disconnected and i have to reconnect the router.. im not sure if its a router problem.. but it could be.. or it might be a cpu problem.. im not sure anyone have a fix for this?

Netgear Rp614 (i think not sure)

does anyone kno how to fix this?

PS: im sure that you guys wills ay look in other threads.. but i dont have the time to do so.. so if anyone knows how to fix it please take the 1 min or so to type it up.. that is very aprecheated tnx alot :D (sorry for spelling i bad at it)

Nevion 2004-03-30 00:56

always possibility that your isp is taking down your internet access for whatever reason (various system upgrades on their end), happening to me like 4-5 times a day right now.

SiL Eighty 2004-03-30 03:53

My friend is having a similar pblm w/ BT. When he leaves his DL's going for about an hour, he loses all internet access. His computer it networked w/ 2 other ones for the internet and they all lose internet too. They get it back though by resarting the admin comp and/or reseting the router. What could be causing this?

lavalyn 2004-03-30 09:42

Nevion: upgrades 4-5 times a day!? Man you really should switch providers. (Of course, it'd be more likely a problem on your side, the same observed by these other two.)

The rest of you: a good number of routers, especially wireless routers, like to unexpectedly die a ghastly horrible death at the hands of insufficient ventilation. Check the firmware, upgrade it if necessary. Also, (you think this is bad, but you really shouldn't feel it) limit your bandwidth on the wireless link to 11mbps, if not even lower. Ditto for the cable/adsl modem.

Soon the hardware mod guys will come up and say you should open up your routers and install a watercooler or three turbocharged fans or something.

Nevion 2004-03-30 12:29


Originally Posted by lavalyn
Nevion: upgrades 4-5 times a day!? Man you really should switch providers. (Of course, it'd be more likely a problem on your side, the same observed by these other two.)

Would if I could and upgrading should stop in 2 more days. And the upgrade usually means nothing more then my modem desyncing until I manually reset it. Its not on my end, I talked to tech support and they are installing some new crud and stress testing the network (geh... things get rather slow when they do...)

brood-faun 2004-03-30 12:30

Yeah, I would think it would be the router problem also since it happens to me. Also there is possibility your ISP is throtling certain ports. Try limiting the maximum number of peers connected to you in a certain time. Also the fact MS OS doesn't like too many connections at once, that's why it is never a good idea to install a tracker on MS OS (if you want a stable one).

Try resetting your router configuration and re-configure your router.

Betaone 2004-04-01 10:17

i managed to fix it by upgrading my router to the l8test release...

Dunkinbean 2004-04-02 01:44

If you can find out what port BT is using (I don't know), then call up your ISP and ask them what's up. In my experence, i've found that ISPs will block certin port numbers randomly for reasons I have not been able to determine. It also might be some random garbage that they're doing on their end of the line, so the best advice I can think of is to call up their tech support and annoy them until the problem fixes.

Oh yeah. Some Routers (Belkin, cough. Maybe others) like to reset themselves whenever they think someone is trying to hack into your network. If such is the case, try turning off NAT, or set up a DMZ for the port BT uses.

Almighty 2004-04-03 14:29

More than likely its not your ISP. I can guarantee that its your router. First off what client are you using? Also what type of router do you have? I know that I use azureus and after I few hours my connection dies too. I just reset my Linksys router and Im good to go.

I believe the router sometimes can not handle too many incoming connections. A way to control that is to limit the number of connections per torrent. I limit mine to around 40 or so and that seems to have stabilized my internet connection a lot more when using BT.

The other possibility is the client you are using. I know that Azureus does have issues with killing your router for some reason. I never had the problem when I used shadows experimental client.

So give us some more info and maybe we can help out more.

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