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sayde 2011-07-12 10:17

Bleach Episode 330 Discussion Thread [Anime-Only]
Welcome to this week's episode discussion thread.
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I Want to Live...! Nozomi's Zanpakutō - 生きたい!望実の斬魄刀 ~ Iki tai...! Nozomi no zanpakutō

Next episode:

For the Sake of Fighting! The Awakening Nozomi! - 戦うために! 目覚めよ望実! ~ Tatakau tame ni! Mezameyo Nozomi!.

SidVicious 2011-07-12 10:24

Emo-Kon. :p

gaboratamer 2011-07-12 12:11

I want to see Nozomi's shikai

Tenza-Zangetsu 2011-07-12 13:03


Originally Posted by gaboratamer (Post 3688573)
I want to see Nozomi's shikai

might have been the gaint yellow wave in the preview, or just kido

Blaster 2011-07-12 19:56

I do like the little character development there. I mean all these while, Nozomi is a mystery. There is almost nothing about her except that she's the one Kageroza is looking for. The same thing for Kageroza too. It seems that he is more desperate than ever.

I'm glad they've decided to do some story telling (advancing and linking the plot). The pace might be a bit slow but I'm okay with it as long as they are able to link up and end the story well.

sayde 2011-07-12 20:01

An okay episode. Not too much action this time, but the plot still seems to be progressing at a steady pace. Beyond that...

-New ED (which seemed to be commemorating Bleach's 10th anniversary) had a decent song IMO.

-Omake was kind of cute.

That about sums up my thoughts on the episode.

Kallen4life 2011-07-13 02:32


gaint yellow wave in the preview
I thought that was Kenpachi

me wants more captains battles

DeadBonesDooM 2011-07-13 04:43

Imo this episode was slow :(
Not much of a action. Reminds me a bit start of bleach.
Tho Emo-Kon was really awesome :D

Fran~ 2011-07-13 10:44

After weeks of very entertaining episodes, this one wasn't that good.

I was expecting the conclusion of the fight, but the anime team skipped a lot of things.

But... still the anime is better than the manga :D

Kookee2k2 2011-07-13 19:15

my crunchy roll sub ran out D:

shtanimerocks 2011-07-13 20:48

this episode was pretty decent but i was surprised to see kon depressed like that i was like that

cant be Kon they really made him seem normal and kind a bit like Ichigo

Mr. DJ 2011-07-14 04:43

poor Yama-ji lol

Kookee2k2 2011-07-17 00:14

Ok new subscription!!!

1st complaint: Karin damn well knows by now that ichigo is a soul reaper. this is a give or take reasoning here. it's still up for grabs that she knows what ever or not that kon can possess Ichigo's body >.>

2nd complaint: again with Karin, she's also very spiritually aware, there's no way that she cant simply ignore that her elder bro is upstairs at the same time that his mortal body is sitting there at the dinner table acting like a fool.

1st positive: again this series is focusing on Kon as an actual character and no really a 'just in-case' type of thing. this series of episodes i believe show that maybe that these side characters have a bit more to them then the 2d representations that they have been given in their introductions.

2nd positive: Senna reborn?? =D

'Pryde 2011-07-19 10:12

wow its official! Kon has become just as annoying as orihime....

nozomi's zanpaktou was not very unique just looked like a diffrent colored getsuga tensho.

preeety preety bad ep

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