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Ellie97 2011-07-13 15:50

Yuri/romance anime
I have never watched a yuri anime (I give the mangas a try though), but now I am looking for an anime to watch. I am watching these on my iPod touch so it could preferably be one that I can watch on either YouTube or the crunchyroll app. I would prefer for it to be dramatic and I have no objections to watch ecchi yuris either :)
Your help will be very appriciated

jedinat 2011-07-13 19:45

Aoi Hana
Candy Boy
Strawberry Panic
Sasameki Koto
Kashimashi: Girl meets Girl

NervZero 2011-07-13 20:03

here is a good list of anime. these are yuri....

Akuma Kousaka 2011-07-13 20:30

Aside from what jedinat listed, there's also Kannazuki no Miko, although from what I've noticed it tends to be rather polarizing in nature. Maria Watches Over Us is another one to consider, but it's more shoujo-ai than yuri. Nonetheless it's still one to look out for, IMO.

Kotohono 2011-07-13 21:30

I'll second Strawberry Panic, Sasameki Koto, and Kannazuki no Miko; haven't seen the others yet so can't recommend them.

kitten320 2011-07-13 21:40

The first anime with yuri I have watched was Mai HiME and it really got me into whole yuri thing so I do recommend it. Yuri is not main theme but it still is there and couple is very popular so for suprise element you might want to watch it without any spoilers. Has drama.

And I think it is still on youtube.

jedinat 2011-07-13 21:50

Meh, I wouldn't watch Mai anything for the yuri. The main (romantic) focus is always a really lame male-female relationship.

I'll throw a couple more out there that have a bit less yuri, but are still worth watching for it (the yuri)...
Re:Cutie Honey
Battle Athletes Victory

NoemiChan 2011-07-13 23:11

There's already an existing thread about this, isn't?

Akuma Kousaka 2011-07-13 23:36

Necro is fine on AnimeSuki, but not on the Suggestions board.

Ellie97 2011-07-14 17:38

I just watched the first episode of strawberry panic, I found it really interesting and I think I'll carry on watching it!! does anyone know how many episodes it lasts?
Thank you for your suggestions and keep them coming, i'll be sure to watch them all!

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