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Edgewalker 2004-03-30 22:26

Need bit torrent help .
Hello . I only get 3-7 kbps when dling from bitorrent . I hear it may be because of my router , which is a netgear wireless MR814v2

if anyone knows how to deal with this please let me know ... it takes me weeks to download a file :(

PS : I have already added ports 6888 - 6999 to be open in my port forwarding settings , this does not help . I have tried Dling from torrents with lots of seeds and I still get little connection despite the fact I am on cable .

Shadowlord 2004-03-31 02:04

first, posting what type of internet connection you have would be good. But it could be your network card, router, ISP, or any number of things. Try, if you can, upgrading your routers firmware, and download any new drivers that may be available. If this doesnt help. chances are it is a hardware problem.

warnold 2004-03-31 18:36


Originally Posted by Xenojjin
PS : I have already added ports 6888 - 6999 to be open in my port forwarding settings

It's 6881- not 6888


Edgewalker 2004-03-31 20:49

ich , Although I checked my router and I have it set to 6881 - 6889 . I just wrote it wrong on here . I still get &*@ for downloads :(

Dunkinbean 2004-04-02 01:51

The easiest way to solve stupid stuff like this is to annoy your ISP's tech support. If non-BT downloads are going at the normal speed, then it's probably just the people you're getting the movie from...otherwise, your cable company is taking an extended coffee break.

semi-fly 2004-04-10 22:47


Originally Posted by warnold
It's 6881- not 6888


Actually, bittorrent dosen't care what ports you use as long as they have been forwarded and configured with the client. We have 3 systems regularly on the bittorrent network (fansubs!), all with three diffrent sets of open ports so each system receves equal bandwidth. This allows us to get 50k-150k download speeds per active torrent.

Mr. Bushido 2004-04-15 18:28

probably a stupid question:

When i use bittorrent on my computer i know that it lags my computer and my modem.... but does it also lag every computer that is connected to my modem thru a router? Cuz my dad complains about slow internet speed, and it only happens when im using ABC bittorrent. My computer is the one connected to the modem and the router base.

DeHackEd 2004-04-15 18:56

It's a thing about how packets are queued. Specifically, it's FIFO - first in, first out.

BitTorrent uploads a lot. This results in a huge queue in your modem which gets sent at your actual connection speed. The problem is when other traffic, like web browsing, tries to hop in and finds itself at the end of the queue.

And then it gets worse. The connection request gets put at the back of the line. When it goes out and the connection is accepted, the HTTP request gets put in line, etc. This happens several times per page.

The trick? Don't let that queue form! (or at least minimize its length)

Set your upload rate to about 80% of max. This certainly helps. I've taken the geeky solution - the queue is handled by a Linux computer, and is not FIFO. It sends packet based on priority. When a web packet shows up, it cuts in front of BT traffic. Same with Ragnarok, Unreal Tournament, and anything else important.

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