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silverbeam 2011-07-31 13:48

Silverbeams Minis and wands
HI! I started a new craft this year with my digital skills. As a 3D artist I love things with 3 dimensions, so I am a very geeky artist. I use a method to make crafts that is called 3D printing, it is very cool.

I can make virtually anything with a method called 3D printing. Basically I build the object digitally first as a 3D model. I then upload that special model to a site called shapeways. I choose a material, and the data gets sent to a special "printer." This printer will build the model up layer upon layer until it is complete. Here is a picture to show you the process in simple terms. More links in case you are curious will be below as well.


some things I have made: (more pics there)

I do sell these at conventions and on etsy, so they are fun and productive. :D

Let me know what you think and any tips or suggestions!

Suomi 2011-07-31 15:09

That's so cool :) It's really awesome that you can take a concept and use software like that to make it into a real object...I never knew that was possible!
They look so accurate, too!
Great works.
By the way though, your signature is 250px too wide for AnimeSuki rules. Max is 500wx160h. ;)

Keep up the good work and welcome here~!

Dist 2011-07-31 16:55

All you need to do here is be able to draw. The printer does rest of the work. With that said, I dunno what I'm supposed to say.. Good work for drawing them?

Also honestly this smells like an advertisement of sorts. Joining date Jul and this is your first post.. your av/sig are related to your work and link to your shop

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