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shenfier 2011-08-18 15:34

Retaining Stylized subs when Converting MKV
Okay, I know that How to convert has been done-to-death, and besides that I know how to convert and get the subs and all that. My problem is that when I split the subs from the MKV and then convert my video file, my subs become these terrible hard-to-read font that just sucks incredibly. Is there a way to split and convert an MKV file while retaining the style that the subs originally had?

Thank you in advance!

spikexp 2011-08-18 17:21

What is the format of the subtitle?

shenfier 2011-08-18 18:08

Well I'm having issues retrieving it now for some reason... But I'm pretty sure they're srt. I had apparently got rid of the splitting program and now I can't find it. ^^"


Found the program. The subs are .ass

I managed to convert one video and the theme actually stuck, albeit it kept giving me an error message when I tried to convert. The problem now is that the karaoke was messed up. The translation is where subtitles usually go and looks fine but the sing-along at the top of the screen gets cut in half, and I can't think of anything to fix it.


I had been using Xilisoft to convert it but I can't any more. I tried HandBrake but it wouldn't convert the subs.

Someone please help!


I gave up. I'm getting the avi versions of what I wanted from the net. Thanks anyways, and if you do have an idea let me know, it might come in handy later.

blaze0041 2011-08-19 05:40

I'm going to suggest using Xvid4PSP 5.0, it's a little dated and complicated to use, but otherwise it's a rather powerful converter.
(If you are using Windows Vista/7, this will denote when you need admin rights to run/install, or when you'll receive a UAC prompt.)
  1. Download Xvid4PSP 5.0 (6.0 is currently in beta, and doesn't seem to support subs yet). Install. (There are a number of versions, I'm using rev132)
  2. Download the latest version of MKVtoolnix, install. Then, download MKVExtractGUI2, extract the exe and place in the MKVtoolnix folder.
  3. Extracting the subs: run mkvextractgui2.exe. Drag an MKV file onto the program, and a list should show with what's inside the MKV file. What you'll want to do is extract the ASS subtitle file, and any associated font attachments. By default, it will extract to the source directory. Install the extracted fonts (In Win7, this can be done be selecting the fonts, right-clicking on the selection, and clicking install).
  4. Preparing Xvid4PSP 5.0: Run Xvid4PSP 5.0. In the menu bar, go to "Video -> Decoding -> Other Files". Depending on what device you are encoding for, you might want to change this FFmpegSource (such as an iPod 6th gen) to ensure compatibility. If you decide to use DirectShowSource (1 or 2), then go to 5a. Under "Settings -> Global Settings... -> Encoding", you might want to tick "Autoclose encoding window if task was successfully accomplished".
  5. Using Xvid4PSP 5.0: Click "Open", and select the MKV you wish to open...
    1. DirectShowSource: Test the video by pressing the play button, and the subtitles should show up in their correct styling.
    2. FFmpegSource: You'll need to manually add in the subtitle file, so in the menu bar, click "Subtitles -> Insert", and find the correct ASS file.
  6. Use the settings on the left to tweak what file you want to be outputted.
  7. Click "Enqueue" (add file to queue, encoding won't start until you click Encode) or "Encode" (immediate start). Pick a file name (do not use non-English characters), and encoding should start.

The program's come in handy for me for converting MKVs to MP4s that can be played on my iPod classic and iPhone.

spikexp 2011-08-19 09:07

The .ass subtitle has is own style and so shouldn't change when you extract it and use it again.
Can you post a screenshot of the sub in normal quality and bad after remux.

The problem is probably not the sub but you who do something wrong.

shenfier 2011-08-19 15:11

Blaze: Thanks, that worked perfectly. Wish I'd found it before wasting the bandwidth to get the avi versions. Oh well. Thank you very much!

Spike: Yea I figured that out, the program I had suddenly decided to use the format correctly (albeit cutting off part of the top subtitles) but then it decided that my verification was no good so I couldn't use it anymore. But thanks to Blaze that doesn't matter. Thanks for the assistance.

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