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ChibiDusk 2011-08-23 09:42

Summer 2011 NEW TITLES?
Hello, just a quick message... (Sorry that all my posts recently are reduced to begging for recommendations!)

Was wondering what the "best" new titles are, of the Summer 2011 season? I've heard a lot of mixed thoughts, and the only solid title I've found has been No. 6. Any others that are AAA-grade?

I'm looking for a solid animation, not necessarily high-quality... but at the very least moderate and consistent in it's quality.

A more "mature" storyline. I'm not referring to T&A, but rather a storyline that doesn't feel it's audience is a bunch of 8 year-olds. I doubt I'd find anything intellectually challenging this season (It IS summer...) but if there's such a thing, by all means- list it in bold.

I've enjoyed Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Loveless, Windy Tales, Ayatsuri Sakon, ... that's all for now.

Reckoner 2011-08-23 10:32

There's plenty out there.

Usagi Drop - Real life issues regarding parenting, among other things.

Mawaruru Penguindrum - A zany show, but it's a lot more complex that it initially looks. Funny, rich in symbolism, chaotic story.

There also might be some Spring shows that (Some are 2 cours and still running) that you may like?

Steins;Gate - Still ongoing, one of the best shows of the year IMO.

Tiger and Bunny - It may seem less than what it really is at first, but it's turned into quite the great story.

Ano Hana - Already finished, but many compare it to a melodrama like Clannad AS.

Also for another winter show you might have missed while Madoka was airing....

Wandering Son - One of the most mature stories this year about transgender issues.

tomtkp 2011-08-23 11:26

If you want "mature" series regardless of animation quality,I suggest you look for Spring animes this year. Anime series in the Spring season have more mature series than Summer does. For "mature" anime series, I would like to recommend Steins;Gate, AnoHana and Tiger & Bunny in the Spring season and maybe give a try on Kamisama Dolls in the Summer. Kamisama Dolls may have very slow pacing in the first few episodes but turns out to be an interesting story in the later episodes.At least it has very good OP and ED songs.

Edit: Oh,I forgot one thing. As mentioned by Reckoner, Usagi Drop is also one of mature animes in Summer. You can give it a try.

ChibiDusk 2011-08-23 11:29

Wow- thankyou for turning me on to Wandering Son. I didn't think the industry would tackle such a topic, so seriously. This is exactly the type of content I am looking for. :)

Kotohono 2011-08-23 12:41

I'd agree for with recks posts for most part so seconding most what he said [Ano Hana bit lesser extend than the rest, but still worth seeing, and haven't seen Tiger and Bunny].

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