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Nagisa-chan 2011-08-28 07:03

Land of Chaos online (LOCO)
Konnichi wa, minna-san!

I am playing Land of Chaos online (LOCO), since the closed beta, I think this game is different from the others.

LOCO – Land Of Chaos Online is a Tactical Online Action RPG that combines the best elements of MMORPG, TPS (Third Person Shooter) and Tactics to a very unique genre mix you have never seen before. Step into the role of the different heroes in LOCO, combine their abilities and evolve the right strategy according to the enemies’. LOCO provides an innovative action game concept in an outstanding game design.

MMORPG – Individualize and grow up your heroes. Equips them with epic artifacts and take the enemy down

TPS – The speed of the game and the rapid third person point of view brings you deep into the game for a close and intense gaming experience

Tactics – Teamplay and tactical finesse are the keys to a successful match. Team up in this strategy game and make the right decision for your tactics according to the opponent’s strategy.


For these ppl who are playing, my inGame name is: "Kawai"

Greetings~ ♥

SoulofSomfing 2011-08-28 09:07

hmmmm interesting, might give this a shot.

RWBladewing 2011-08-28 10:53

The youtube link is pretty interesting and reminds me of a game I used to play. Unfortunately, a trip to their forums also reminded me of the ridiculously immature community and inept GMs of that game I used to play. I'm also kind of put off by the fact that there's seemingly no actual information about the gameplay or characters on their website. Is there a heavy grind involved or can you jump right into the battles?

Nagisa-chan 2011-08-28 18:51

You are playing as your hero, it's just like you are the character :D..

Here, a gameplayvideo, but, thats 1 year old (its better now ;))

Have fun!

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