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Hiroi Sekai 2011-09-01 14:25

EMDAS 2011 - September ("Oh no, Writer's Block!") Entry Thread
Entries! (September 1-21)
Welcome to the September EMDAS Writing Competition!
Theme: "Oh no, Writer's Block!"

August Winner: papermario13689 - "Rainy Skies"

This month's theme is "Oh no, Writer's Block!". "Entries must somehow include the concept of writer's block; either through a character or any other medium." -papermario13689

Entries must be submitted by September 21 (check countdown). You are permitted to post drafts and updates on this page; to submit a final copy, update the post with Final Entry written along with it. Once you have done this, you are not allowed to edit your entry any further, so be sure to fully proofread it before doing so.

lordshadowisle 2011-09-05 10:55

This would have been an excellent entry for this month.

felix 2011-09-05 11:44

So, does not submitting anything count as an entry? :heh:

Hooves 2011-09-05 11:50

I can already tell this theme is going to be hilarious :p

felix 2011-09-19 16:59

Hm, two days left. Mario you gonna post?

Hiroi Sekai 2011-09-19 17:04

I've been under a lot of mental stress over the last few weeks, sorry for the lack of an entry. I'm gonna put at least something together though. Hopefully someone else will join.

felix 2011-09-19 17:21

Well I'll try as always. :p Just won't post first, for obvious reasons.

lordshadowisle 2011-09-19 17:45

First blood is drawn!

Spoiler for Writer's Block is for Perverts:

felix 2011-09-20 15:10

Went with a more conservative approach since getting really sick of trimming things down to 1500.

Only 1364 words, but overall was easier to write like this; even if I don't hit the limit.

Given the lack of time, final entry. [archive link]

Act II - Night Eternal

Black Rose

Lilet runs though the forest filled with the beasts. Slowly the beast howls get ever sharper, ever louder. The old man recovering asks Lilet where they were heading to, but she doesn’t reply, he then asks again but again she doesn’t reply. As they move forward the snow storm starts to get thiner and thiner as they approach a dry river bank, and just as soon as they start to feel relieved as the howls cease, they soon see the face of dread when they find out why they've ceased. On the other side of the frozen river on steep bank a whole pack of beasts lay poised to jump down, while the others slowly moved in from the rear crunching their teeth and drawing breath. The situation was hopeless, completely hopeless or so the old man mumbled bitting his tongue. Lilet gave him a short look but all he was doing was writing his last words in his journal, though more precisely his last word, as his pen and sanity fail him. She pays him no heed and just looks around, ganging the distance between her pursuers and ambushers and the layout of the terrain. Nothing much to look at, the water bed is a huge expand of frozen sand and logs on one side and rocks and slippery ice on the other.

A single grizzly howl can be heard from a distance, no doubt in Lilet's mind what that means. She looks at the man again grabs his journal and throws it away and gives him a big slap. He doesn't budge much, doesn't say a word either, in the moment, just looks back into her eyes.
“five minutes” said Lilet
“W-What?...” said the old man shivering
“you can probably survive for five minutes”
“I'll bet your life on that” said Lilet grabbing a giant log from the icy sand
“Y-You... want to fight. W-We’ll die.” said the old man looking around him, at the red eyes glaring
With log in one hand she grabs his hand and charges towards the front, towards the beasts on the high river bank. She aprouches with haste and breaks the ice with the heavy log. The rear beasts immediately charge but the ones at the cliff keep their ground and only howl down. She flings the old man into the air and crushes the remainder of the ice with a heavy stomp, breaking it completely and going under, into the freezing river.

A heavy horned beasts approaches. A lot of beasts growl at hole, but nothing is under. Not a moment passes and soon, lead by the alpha, all of them move swiftly to chase down river. The ice shakes as their claws dig into it, and a bits of ice flay everywhere. Even the fish bellow can feel their stampede, but barely can outrun it. Not much time passes and they reach a waterfall, bellow which the stream splits into small streams and disappears. And so they wait, and wait, but nothing drops, not even a corpse...

Several hours pass and the old man regains consciousness. He feels how he is tied to a pole. He can't see very well but in his ear he can hear dark evil whispers and bellow him he can feel heat, burning, ever stronger. He can feel it, soon his skin will peal off. He tries to cry for help but he has no strenth in his voice and barely a breath comes out. His vision starts to come back to him, but his eyes won't open fully. Before him he sees shapes, non human shapes, and as fear beckons strength he tries even harder to scream for help. Soon words start come off his tongue but relief is short lived as he soon find himself falling towards the ground and fire. He screams in terror...
“you done screaming” said Lilet pocking the old man with a stick
“Y-You! what are you doing?!” mumbles the old man
“curing your hypothermia” said Lilet staring at him
“W-What?” said the old man
“you also forgot to breath, soon after we got into the water”
“Water... W-Water” said the man recalling what happens
“I can't swim!!” he screams
“obviously you can't breath or think either” said Lilet as she throws him a fried fowl looking thing in his face
Lilet unties him from the pole. The man is too battered to take Lilet's words in, and just gets the piece of food and starts chewing. He finishes half of it quite quickly, and soon starts to feel a bit more normal; his strength finally coming back to him.
“We'll need to move miss... because of the fire the beasts will find us soon.” said the old man
“it's still snowing” said Lilet pointing outside at the blizzard
“Um... T-Thanks for, um saving me...” mumbles the old man
“...from the cold.”
“To even go as far as to light a fire... I'm grateful.” said the old man with a shine in his eye
“the fire... it was the only way” said Lilet
“Pardon... miss.” said the old man
“my father, he thought me body heat is the quickest” said Lilet walking towards the man
“...but, after that plunge and running upstream, I doubt it would have worked” as Lilet put her hands on the old mans cheek he could feel a chill as cold as the winter wind
A little bit shaken, the old coat tries to find some opportunity for conversation to change the mood, and easy his disbelief.
“Uhm... Uh... the shelter is pretty... well made.” said the old man looking at the stacks of cut branches circling them.
“H-How did you manage?”
“evil funny looking sword thing” said Lilet manifesting the Reaper's medium and slamming it into the ground
“Ah- I see, y-yes... of course.” said the man chewing some more on the fried bird
“E-Excellent catch... by the way, very... tasty.” said the man again trying to change the subject again
“evil funny looking sword thing” said Lilet with a smirk on her face
“Cough ...BUT, none of this would have been possible with out your excellent fire starting skills.” sais the man chocking on the food
“w-well...” said Lilet
“evil funny looking sword thing...”
“...with funny looking fire!” and the swords catches fire
Bits of food fall out of the mans mouth as his jaw drops in disbelief.

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the mountains, in town, Winter and December approach Julia, the client. She's hesitant at first to even pay attention to them, but as soon as Winter takes the horn out and jumps in front of her she pulls the both of them into a nearby alley and slams them to the wall.
“Boy. How did you come in possession of this? Who sent you!” said Julia
“Nobody. I-It's mine, I gr- found it!” said Winter
“Speak up brat!” screams Julia
“dem- pay.. ment..” mumbles Winter
“Payment? What payment?” said Julia
“The... mercenary payment.” said Winter hiding his face
“My business with the mercenaries...” said Julia turning slowly the other way
“ MY business with the MERCENARIES.”
“Which makes it none of YOUR business.”
“B-But... the horn... I have the horn.” said Winter, crumbling at the scene
“Ah yes, the horn... the horn...” said Julia (still) holding it
“Tell me, what of the mercenaries I sent?” she asks tacking out a inscription tool
“T-They... uhm... ain’t commming back!” said Winter; a deep silence follows
“I... see. Maybe we can work something out then.” said Julia
“I want to join the arena! to join the fight.” said Winter, ecstatic
“Yeah. Sure.” replies Julia with a smirk on her face and the horn decorated
“Winter... this is bad, don't go. We should just go back to September and January.” whispers December
“Winter... hey, Winter...” but Winter doesn't listen, his mind is already full of the glory of the arena
“Hey, other kid.” said Julia
“You're coming too.”
“But... I-I'm against v-violence.” said December cowering to the ground
“Don't worry. You won't have to lift a finger sugar. I just need you to be there.” said Julia squeezing the decorated horn

Hiroi Sekai 2011-09-20 15:53

Since I didn't need more depression in my life this month, I went with a ridiculous story.

Spoiler for lolwut:

622 words. I had fun.
[EDIT] Did a tiny bit of editing. Final entry it is.

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