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Cait Sith 2011-09-03 00:12

Looking for something a bit more mature
Hi, I'm looking for an intelligent story, that doesn't have too many gimmicks and that goofy type of humor such as One Piece, and to a lesser extent, Naruto (I can tolerate the amount in Naruto though). To give you guys a better idea, I loved Death Note, Vagabond, and I'm currently reading Naruto right now --and I really don't like what its become. Oh, I enjoyed watching Full Metal Alchemist also. I don't mind violence or anything like either, thanks!

ArrowSmith 2011-09-03 02:41

If you want I can PM you are list of "mature" anime.

Alen 2011-09-03 09:38

Code Geass

All are "mature" and don't contain any/a lot of humor. I haven't watched Monster but I hear so much about it, I thought I might mention it.

Elegance 2011-09-03 10:18

Spice & Wolf have sort of a mature personality
White Album is pretty mature.
Cross Game
Macross Fontier
Samurai X Trust & Betrayal
True Tears
Phantom Requiem for the phantom
Darker than black
Samurai Champloo

Cosmic Eagle 2011-09-03 11:04

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

Ef a Tale of Memories / Melodies

ArrowSmith 2011-09-03 11:24

5cm per second
Haibane Renmei
Ergo Proxy

Eragon 2011-09-03 12:59

Darker than Black
Elfen Lied
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - if you haven't seen it already.

Elegance 2011-09-03 16:19


Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle (Post 3753651)
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

Ef a Tale of Memories / Melodies

I second these

kitten320 2011-09-04 10:15

Without much humour you say...

Usagi Drop is an ongoing show and does have jokes and stuff but I would call it quiet mature since jokes are not stupid like in usual animes.

Aoi Bungaku series are set of small stories, each is different. The longest is 4 episodes long. Each story covers some seriouse topic.

Bungaku Shoujo was quiet mature.

Clannad does have animes standard humour but over all it covers some mature topics.

Claymore doesn't have much humour.

Elfen Lied is mature with a lot of blood and nudity but not hentai.

Ga-Rei Zero has some random humour in some episodes but eventually takes darker and mature colours.

Ghost Hunt has a bit of humour to take down tension but it never ruins seriouse moments.

GTO is full of humour but despite that it covers quiet seriouse and mature topics.

Hakuouki doesn't have the standard anime jokes and is quiet mature.

Kanon 2006 does have humour but just like Clannad covers some seriouse topics,

Monster is mature.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom and Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichininperfectly meet the bill.

Shiki are mature series.

Sword of the stranger

Wolf's Rain

ArrowSmith 2011-09-04 23:51

A warning about pursuing more mature titles - you risk permanent damage to your psyche.

Spjong 2011-09-05 19:05

Monster, Claymore, Berserk and Death Note will be the closest you can come to mature.

You may tolerate Deadman wonderland aswell.

Cosmic Eagle 2011-09-05 23:28

On top of the ones I mentioned earlier,


Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu


And I see no one's mentioned Madoka yet.

You may like Angel Beats! The themes it holds are mature and touching but I dunno if its your cup of tea.

Steins;Gate you may like as well

If you enjoy WWII, there's The Cockpit. Only 3 segment OVA but it's pretty emotional and touching

Cait Sith 2011-09-05 23:57

Wow, thanks for all the replies! So many titles to check out. I was checking out Code Geass, looks pretty promising. When Zero is speaking calmly, he sounds like Itachi. I haven't been too involved with the anime scene for a good while since I was really young, except for a very select few titles. I'm used to, and prefer animes with an overall serious tone with little comedy here and there(Like the Sasuke arc in Naruto). I was a hardcore anime fan back when anime movies were the most popular, not so much these dragged out series. One of my all time favorites was the movie Ninja Scroll. I'm getting a bit tired of Naruto right now, and really dislike that tired, done to death shounen law where the main character is miles ahead of everyone, and basically saves everyone because no one can much without them.

Spjong 2011-09-06 05:00

I want to add Shigurui: Death Frenzy here aswell, its the best anime I've ever seen, very mature. a masterpiece in my book :)

Cosmic Eagle 2011-09-06 05:11

Also, I can't believe I'm saying this seeing that I utterly loathe most of Kinoko Nasu's this one....

but Kara no Kyoukai is a good novel/anime film series. I suggest the former over the latter but the film has Kalafina's godly music. The first story/film sucked bad but it really picks up from there. By the second Murder Study it's pretty decent.

ArrowSmith 2011-09-12 02:30

Kyogoku Natsuhiko Kosetsu Hyaku Monogatari is really dark twisted sh*t.

SeijiSensei 2011-09-12 07:59

A few shows not yet mentioned:

Less comedic:
House of Five Leaves - unemployed ronin joins a band of petty criminals
Bakeneko/Mononoke - tales about an itinerant medicine seller who also fights demons
Bartender - various patrons seek emotional healing in a Ginza bar
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - a woman aids two kids trying to return home after an earthquake
Saiunkoku Monogatari - a young woman tries to build a career as an imperial official in a land similar to T'ang China
Planetes - lives of some space trash collectors working aboard a space station

More comedic:
Hataraki Man - a female editor tries to build a career at a Japanese magazine
Oh! Edo Rocket - fireworks, aliens, and political repression in 1843 Edo
REC - a young woman takes up residence with a man she just met after her apartment burns to the ground
Kuragehime - five 30-ish female otaku find their comfortable life threatened
Welcome to the NHK! - a young woman tries to "cure" a male hikikomori
Nodame Cantabile - students at a collegiate music academy work to develop their talents and perhaps find love

One show that you should keep your eye on if the subs ever resume is Hyouge Mono. Right now only five of the projected thirty-nine episodes are subbed, and no new episodes have been released since June.

Even the comedic stories focus on mature themes; they tend to satire rather than guffaws.

Many of these shows come from FujiTV's noitaminA block.

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