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Bern-san 2011-09-21 10:16

unENDing Bloody Call
The first otome game made by icingCandy (a branch of Wil), Bloody Call, is getting a PSP version called unENDing Bloody Call due to demand from fans. It was originally a PC game. A new branch of Asgard, Blue Moon, is the one making the PSP version.
PSP game website:
Original game website:

Spoiler for :

PC opening:

- Reimei: Yuichi Nakamura
- Shiro: Satoshi Hino
- Wataru: Kenichi Suzumura
- Kugami-sensei: Akira Ishida
- Cain: Daisuke Namikawa
- Jin: Toshiyuki Morikawa
- Halphas: ???
- Ensof: Sanpei Yuuko
- Cabracan: Tarusuke Shingaki
- ? ? ?: Taishi Murata
- Seizaburou Ogata: Keiji Fujiwara
- Hotsuma Rin: Mizuhara Kaoru

I enjoyed the PC game, especially the dark atmosphere. It also had good art (well a couple of CGs needed to be improved), an interesting story where you HAVE to play all the routes to really understand the story (except Wataru's route, he's just a tsundere) and I didn't dislike the heroine (in most of the routes she does something!).
Anyway, new things for the PSP version:
- After story with the conquerable characters
- Parallel story
- Their civilian clothes will have new designs for the after story

I'm glad that Bloody Call had a lot of popularity between otome gamers. It would be cool if someday it gets released in English.

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