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Dancing-Hampster 2004-04-01 18:17

I can't even touch it!!
It's only Bakasan's damn naruto files, this is the 3rd one that has been all messed up like this..

I downloaded Naruto episode 77 today.. I finished downloading it, then when i went to click on the file to play it.. it shuts down explorer, the whole damn thing shuts down just for highlighting the file.. i was like NOOO

I tried opening up WMP first and opening the movie from the program and it would shut down both explorer and WMP.. same thing with divx.. what's goin on?!?! i can't even delete it, it wont let me touch it.. this is weirdest thing.. ever.. :twitch:

any help?

b4k4 2004-04-01 20:12

Check the thread at

Dancing-Hampster 2004-04-01 20:18

so is it using a codec i don't have? I don't know how to install the xvid codec.. im somewhat of a computer savvy guy but uh i really have no idea what to do with these files.. it's just a bunch of unusable extensions and whatnot, im so confused.. i read i need a compiler but i also i have no idea, i feel so lost

NightWish 2004-04-01 20:23

It sounds like you've got some really odd things happening so you might want to start by removing all the codecs from your system. I wouldn't worry about Bakasan's thread, it is a little misleading. Try the Media Configuration Guide first -- it will give you step by step help.

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