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relentlessflame 2011-09-27 19:05

Special Reminder re: Spoilers during Season 3 Airing
Attention Light Novel Readers:

The Final Season of the Shakugan no Shana anime will begin airing in October 2011. With this being the final season, and given the fact that the Light Novels will be ending around the time the anime airs, we can assume that the anime and light novels may end up covering much of the same material including the conclusion. As such, Light Novel readers will have a big advantage in terms of knowing what is to come in the anime, and the temptation to discuss or reveal this information to anime viewers will no doubt be present.

This post is to let you know that we will be taking a Strict Zero-tolerance Policy for spoilers in Anime episode threads (and other anime-related threads). What this means is:
  • Anything that reveals, suggests, hints at or in any way implies anything based on source material not-yet animated will be deleted, whether the comment is behind a spoiler tag or not. (This includes making allusions to what will happen in the next episode by combining next episode previews with novel knowledge. Do not even post the volume/chapter that will be animated, or what characters will be included.)
  • Anyone who posts such a spoiler will receive an infraction. No warnings will be issued; this serves as the warning. Infraction points add up to result in bans of increasing duration.
  • People who have read the light novels and pretend to engage in "speculation" while actually using their novel knowledge will be shown "no mercy".
  • Anyone who deliberately posts "critical spoilers" may, at the staff's discretion, be banned from the forum for the entire duration of the anime run.
So, if you know what happens in the light novel, please restrict your discussion in anime threads to anime-only matters, and refrain from engaging in any novel-related discussion in those threads.

We do have some threads that are "safe" for spoilers:

We would also like to mention that there is an Unofficial Shakugan no Shana Social Group here on AnimeSuki, for those who might be interested in participating.

We hope that everyone will enjoy this final season of Shakugan no Shana, and their time spent discussing the series here on this Forum. If you notice any posts that do not obey the above guidelines, please use the "Report Post" button associated with the post. If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, please let us know.

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