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Classified Info 2011-09-30 15:42

Looking for high school romance
I already found a thread that would appear similar to mine: but since i don't know those titles, and cba to go look what they are about, here we go:

(TL: DR version at the very end of the post)

I'm looking for an anime, that is about the relation between a boy and a girl, that are very bound to each other, but don't not notice it untill the end. Just to give out examples, i seek something like "The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" or "Toradora": the first one is a bit lighter, but evolves around Kyon and Haruhi, both jelous of each other(that will more likely end up together). The latter is about a boy and a girl, that at the beginning help each other conquering their own beloved girl/boy, but in the end notice to be very linked and end up together.

So, the idea is of a boy and a girl that at the beginning don't show any kind of love, but with the story that evolves around them, they'll discover their feeling towards each other.

If there is some sci-fi background is ok, but i would like that the main theme was the love between 2. Toradora is only about it, while haruhi evolves around it. I liked most the latter, because i liked the protagonist and shared his same thoughts, but Toradora was more the story i was looking for. Basically, i wanted The melancholy of Haruhi S." to play more about love, and on the other side i wanted that Taiga wasn't little tittied (that disappointed me DDDDD: )

Oh, it has to be funny on one side, but not demential. I found Haruhi's series little demential, because there weren't stupid memes appearing here and there, with huge round faces crying/smiling/other-retarded-emotion. To be even more clear, i hate "Toradora SoS", where the characters are all made "small", with huge faces, and super demential. No kids bullshit, but not even too serious.

Oh ye, the protagonists have to be appealing: no depressed stories of horrid guys with skinny girls. "Normalú would be what i seek. Tbh ryuuji looked like a mongol with those eyes. A story where the boy somehow takes care of the girl (that isn't yet mature), and that discover their feelings at the end, after several fights, jelousy episodes and so on.

Once again, i'm seeking something "serious" as Haruhi Suzumiya, but more about love like "Toradora". Oh ye, dramas are welcome, but i don't have to get depressed, so well...

Anime about a boy and a girl, in the period of high school (from 16 to 18 years), no demential things, and tits. Yes tits, but no hentai. Some boobs bouncing sometimes is ok :D

Suggest me what would be more appropriate, and make some sort of classific (Eg: X vote 9, Y vote 8.2, Z vote 7, W vote 2.1) so that i understand what i shouldn't waste my time in. Thanks

Undertaker 2011-09-30 18:07

Haruhi Suzumiya isn't much of romantic series other than some jealousy shown by Haruhi and Kyon still shown more interested in Mikuru...

I'll just go with my three staple series for recommendation:

Kimi ni Todoke => The girl didn't notice her feeling until very end, while the guy was interested in her since beginning, he was too worried about scaring her off due to her personality. The series shows how they both matures.

personal rating: anime/manga=9.5

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama => The buy is obvious about his attraction to the female lead, but the girl didn't realize her feeling until the end and initially finds the the guy annoying and irritating.

personal rating: anime=8.0, manga=9.0

Lovely Complex => Main couple dislike each other at first before the girl realizes her affection and goes after the guy who slowly falls in love with her.

personal rating: anime=8.8, manga=9.3

Another that would fit is:

Ouran High School Host Club => Neither character realizes their own feeling until the very end, while a fun series, the romance/feeling between the two are as developed as the other three.

personal rating: anime=8.0, manga=8.5

Classified Info 2011-09-30 18:24

thanks for your suggestions, i'll look into them since i got so much free time lately (finished any exam), especially Kimi ni Todoke. Anyways, i'm a male, so remove from any list any anime that has as protagonist a girl or only girls (Yes, because under the voice "haruhi" the suggested anime was lucky star, which has only girls as protagonists)

Anyways, i also used that website in the sticked post, and under the voice "Toradora", suggestions about other animes would be:
Zero no Tsukaima
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
and Haruhi ofc

I would like to know, if you ever saw the first three, or if anyone ever saw the first three (without counting lovely complex, because i don't like the main characters), if they would suit me well; from the first screenshots i'd say yes, but i don't know if some are too demential, or retarded or just girl-oriented. I wouldn't like to spoil myself the stories, that's why i'm not searchin for them in the web.

Thanks again for your attention

I think to somehow like the Tsundere type, but too much tsundere isn't good; just as additional info.

Undertaker 2011-10-01 16:14

Lucky Star is a parody/comedy anime, since you look through voice actress the result is going to list the work she has does and the more famous one at that. and Lucky Star is a very popular series but not the romance anime you are looking for.

Zero no Tsukima is a harem anime with magics and sword and fantasy world. It does have romance in it, but as all harem anime, it is in a constant loop between jealousy, bickering and interrupted confession. Though both did confess to each other later on, the loop continues. Once again it's a very good series but probably not what you're looking for as far as pure romance go.

Clannad is a romance series, but it was the more tragic/sad type of romance. A nice series if you are looking forstuff like that.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi does have romance in it but being a light novel adaption and a 1-cour series, the series didn't really resolve the romance aspect of show. It was an enjoyable series, but if you are watching it for the romance it's probably not what you are looking for either unless you are fine with series ending with unresolved status quote of the pair.

BTW, what do you mean by that you don't want protagonist a girl? Most true romantic comedy have the couple as main characters, and the ones with girl as "main" PoV are usually the best ones story-wise.

ArrowSmith 2011-10-01 16:56

Peach Girl is a good blend of comedy. romance and very pretty boys.

Classified Info 2011-10-01 17:05

I exactly mean what i said:

i'd like a romance with a boy as protagonist and with his pov. Both melancholy and toradora had the guy's pov, and i liked it. When i started watching Kimi ni todoke, and noticed it was the girl's pov, it immediatly stopped appealing me. It is probably as you said, the best stories are with the girl's pov, but i just don't like that: cba to hear the girl thinking and desperating about "how cute that guy is, hope he picks me up, noway i look like death". You get what i mean? I prefer the guy's stupid comments about girls, and how he feels when he's near to one in particular, and all the equivocations when he's caught in lame situations with other girls. I also like when it's the boy the more mature one, that has to correct the girl that is a bit tsundere, and that at the beginning doesn't give a shit about him.

Anyways, watched the first 13 episodes of Zero no Tsukima, but as you said, was harem. One guy popped from nowhere, that discovers to be some sort of lame hero, and is circumdated by big titted girls (even tho he ends up with the no-breast one).

As far as the 4th you named is concerned, by saying " series ending with unresolved status quote of the pair." you mean something like "the melancholy of haruhi"? In that case it might be ok. I'd have preferred if somehow it ended, but it's exactly that what made me an addict to Haruhi's series: the fact that it hasn't still ended. On one side tho, melancholy is still being continued, but i don't know if this one stops there :/.

I'm sorry for the confusion i have in mind, it's only that i recently started watching/reading this kind of novels, so i'm not exactly used to the genres and what they are about.

Anyways, toradora and zero no tsukima got the stories i somehow look for: the latter appealed me less because was too much fantasy, while i prefer more high school days (miss them too much, this is some sort of "swim in the past"), but still was ok. Oh, they both lacked tits, as far as the main girl is concerned, but anyways...

i'll search something under the Tsundere genre, maybe i'll find something; if you come up with any idea, do not hesitate suggesting.

Thank you again for your attention, you gave me good descriptions without spoiling much, i'm really grateful.

Currently watching Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, and even tho the pov is mainly of the girl, i'm liking it (maybe because the whole couple is at the center of the anime).

Also gave a chance to Clannad, but stopped it to finish the above one ^. Will get back to it, but seems a very sad story.

NervZero 2011-10-02 23:07

Highschool of the DEAD! hmm one word to sum up this show would be ZOMBIES... Two words would be ZOMBIE apocalypse! Oyea and it has a romantic element..

Undertaker 2011-10-04 15:04

@Classified Info

So it seem you just don't like the girly girl as the main PoV. Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi is a bit like Haruhi that that at the end the feeling is mutual, just no kisses or confession. So give it a try it you want.

In that case also try Mayoi Chiki, which just ended. While the series is a harem, there is an obvious couple (or triangle) that is the center of the series and has nice progression.

Classified Info 2011-10-04 15:12

thank you again, will look into them: i got the time.

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