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Caz 2011-10-03 05:00

Anime Suggestions
Hey :) I was wondering if anyone could suggest some anime I should watch.

Here are a list of animes I liked a lot:
~ Madoka
~ Anohana
~ School Rumble
~ Death Note
~ Penguindrum
~ Full Moon wo Sagashite
~ Fullmetal Alchemist
~ Gosick
~ Evangelion
~ Chrno Crusade

NervZero 2011-10-03 05:18

Vampire Knight: School Romance show.. About VAMPIRES!! LOL... Its a great show and might fit what you are looking for..

Lost Universe: This is a fun show.. Little old but good nonetheless.. and its even better if you like starwars they have the psi-blade (kind of like a light saber)..

Clannad is always a must.. This is another romance school type show.. Its really good my wife loved it..

Kenshin: GREAT SHOW! If you like sword fights and romance this might just be the show for you.. (Granted I recommend watching the prequel before jumping into the show).

Heroic Age: a kid who is fighting for humanity! Another great show..

But thats just a list of shows you might like if you can tell me what you liked about the shows you watch i could help you out..

kitten320 2011-10-03 12:52

Here is the list of anime that I find similar:

~ Madoka:
Mai HiME - bunch of girls with super powers who have to fight monsters but there is more than that. Light hearted series which eventually take darker tones.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha - has a very similar setting up and is a bit darker shows than standard magical girl shows. Am watching it right now myself, Madoka is better but I heard that Nanoha gets better in other seasons.

Steins;Gate - not to spoil but main theme of this series is time travelling and later in second hald you will see a direct connection ane similarity no Madoka.

~ Anohana:
Clannad - people love to compare these two. Both series are about love and friendship.

As addition you can also check Kanon 2006, Air and Angel Beats which were done by same author as Clannad.

~ Death Note:
Code Geass - both main characters are pretty much antogoists who don't hesitate to kill and are playing mide games. Though this one is Mecha.

Aoi Bungaku series - are set of mini stories, some better than others. Series were done by same organization and main character in first arc looks similar to Light.

Ghost Hunt - has suspence, supernatural things, smart main character and problem solving.

Monster - has suspence, a lot of things going on, interesting villian, mind playing, psychologocal

~ Penguindrum:
Bakemonogatari - the way the show is drawn is quiet similar.

~ Fullmetal Alchemist:
FMA: Brotherhood - another season that is based on manga.

Quiet hard to suggest something since this series were some of the best written but lets see...

Busou Renkin - also has alchemy and homonculs but very different from FMA. Takes a bit of time to get properly started, I got interested after twins had appeared.

Soul Eater - similar number of episodes, action. It is mostly about special kids where kids learn to be shinigami. Pretty good series.

D.Gray Man - just like Ed, main character has only one normal arm. There is secret bad guy organization which is interested in main character. actually Noah are quiet similar to homonculus now that I think about it.

~ Gosick:
If it is detective stuff that you are interestd in then try these shows:
Ghost Hunt

Dennou Coil - is set in the future and is about cyberworld which looks innocent and at fun at first but hides some dark things. Quiet lighthearted at first but starts to get darker in second half.

- basicly series are about a surgen who had saved a boy in the past but now this boy is a serial murderer and surgen feels responsible and tries to stop him.

Shiki - people start to die one after another in a small village and epidemic is suspected, but is it really the case?

I think that is more than enough to check :)

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