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relentlessflame 2011-10-03 22:12

Clarification on Spoiler Policy for Fate/Zero (UPDATED!)
Fate/Zero is a rather interesting case because it is a prequel to a story that has already received an anime adaptation. Because of the popularity of the original game and the resulting anime (and movie), there is a large audience who already have some hints about about what should happen in Fate/Zero based simply on the future timeline shown in Fate/Stay Night. However, Fate/Zero is still a separate work, even though is set in the same overall universe. Our Spoiler Policy still applies:
  • Any information that reveals, hints at, or alludes to future events are forbidden even behind spoiler tags

  • Discussion of the events of Fate/Stay Night are forbidden in Fate/Zero Episode threads and other anime-specific threads, as this is considered off-topic.

If you have read the Fate/Zero light novels and/or are otherwise familiar with the story, please use extreme caution when participating in anime threads. Any hints, suggestions, or attempt to draw attention to certain matters based on knowledge of the source will be considered spoilers, and subject to warnings, infractions and bans. Repeat spoiler offenders who cannot help themselves may be subject to bans of the entire duration of the show's airing.

However, given this unique situation, we recognize that there are many fans with some related knowledge who will wish to discuss the connections to what they already know. To help meet this need, we have created some additional threads. (We're sorry that there are so many, but there are so many different types of viewers with different needs. Please find the one that suits you.)
  • Spoiler & Speculation Thread
    This thread is intended for people who are already familiar with the Fate/Zero novels and the overall Fate/ franchise. Any spoilers can be discussed freely here.

  • Fate/Zero - Fate/Stay Night: connecting the dots
    This thread is intended for people who are familiar with the Fate/Stay Night anime/game (but not with the Fate/Zero novel), and wish to ask questions and discuss the differences and connections between the two stories. Spoilers for Fate/Zero can be revealed here, but only in direct response to questions. (Think of this perhaps as a "Spoiler FAQ" thread.)

  • And we have three "Speculation & Theories" threads for people who haven't read Fate/Zero:
    As the title suggests, use this thread to post your speculation and theories about what will happen. Please only participate in the thread that matches your own "experience" with the franchise.

We'd ask for everyone's assistance to report posts that reveal any inappropriate spoilers, and that you please direct all spoilers and speculation to the appropriate threads.

Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the show!

relentlessflame 2011-10-07 20:57

Hi everyone -- this is to let you know that we have revised the policy in light of the feedback received by you and also members of the staff familiar with Fate/Zero and the Fate/Stay Night franchise. Please review the new/updated policy above. The main change is to clarify that we will no longer allow any Fate/Stay Night discussion at all in the Fate/Zero episode threads, but instead have created new threads specifically to house this sort of discussion for each of the different "viewer groups". It's a bit complicated, but this seemed to be the only way to please everyone.

We are aware that the confusion about this policy resulted in some spoiler-related issues in the Fate/Zero Episode 1 thread, but we hope that this new policy will help eliminate all unwanted spoilers while still providing a suitable space for everyone to discuss their Fate/Stay Night-related speculations. If you have any further comments or concerns, please feel free to direct them to myself or any other member of the Moderation or Admin Staff.

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