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Liddo 2004-04-02 02:07

Connection wierdness
hey its liddo.... i just had a problem.. well not really its been kinda bugging me... well when i stay online for extended periods of time my connection counter keeps resetting itself after it reaches about 4 million bytes...

if you know how to stop this so that the counter will accurately give a count figure.. plz tell me..

PS dun tell me its my eyes playing tricks on me.. since i'm on for like weeks at a time.. its almost impossible for me to dl less than 4 gb..


Dunkinbean 2004-04-02 02:20

There's programs you can download which will track how much traffic is going in and out....I woudn't rely on Windows for anything accurate whatsoever.

Nevion 2004-04-02 13:29

seems suspiciously close to a 32 bit unsigned integer's capacity... wonder if that has anything to do with it. If it does, when you get to 4294967295 bytes it will just overflow and go back to 0 or have some other weird effects. And also if this is the problem, its quite stupid they didn't use an 64 bit integer/double or something instead :/

Liddo 2004-04-05 13:15

er.. not exactly sure what your talking about nevion.. and Dunkinbean, i dun wanna use a external program because it wastes cpu and ram so yea...

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