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Tobbepolarn 2004-04-02 12:27

need help watching anime
dont know if this should be said in this forum, but i got Naruto 77, subbed by bakasan, and its totally messed up, the screen looks fine for 1min and then it goes all strange, the movie doesnt hang itselfs so i dont know what is wrong, i used Gspot to see if i got the wrong codec but it said i got the right one.
My friend sent the copy to me and it works for him

Someone please help me =)

Yamano667 2004-04-03 14:00

reinstall the codecs you use and make sure they are not corrupted


baka 2004-04-03 21:25

use powerdvd or any other player besides what you werer using and make sure to get defiler pak . its on google

gohmifune 2004-04-04 01:12

Make sure file is complete as well, if your friend gave you the file, download it you can and see if you are missing anything.

baka 2004-04-05 15:56

im using wmc , powerdvd, bsplayer , winamp as players , and divx 3.11 codec bundle , ffdshow , defiler pak any of those players and all of those plus maybe a omg/ogg codec s hould solve your problem . ;)

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