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Reveur 2011-10-20 19:21

Playing external subs on .mkv problems. Help! Going crazy.
Ok, so I need to have external subs because I like to watch on my TV and my TV requires external subs. Anyway, I downloaded an .mkv and I extracted (not removed, just extracted) the subs. It came out as .ass but I converted it to .srt.

Anyway, the problem is that on my computer (I test on my computer before trying on TV), the external subs act all weird. I test on BSPlayer and VLC Player. On BSPlayer, they do not show up at the beginning and if I skip to the middle, they show up, and if I then go back to the beginning, they end up showing up, but not the very, very beginning. That is just so weird. Plus, I can't choose the original embedded subs with BSPlayer. Same problem with external subs not showing up on VLC unless skipping a few scenes.:frustrated:

I thought it was a problem with the embedded subs, so I created a remuxed file of the .mkv without the embedded subs, yet I still have the same problems. With the embedded subtitles-less version, if I go to FfDshow and select "Subtitles", then the external subs show but it is clear they are not BSPlayer's subs because the font is much smaller and aren't shown according to the parameters of BSplayer (size, font, color, etc). And when I skip to the middle, all of a sudden I have two sets of subs showing up - BSPlayer's subs and the tiny subs that FfDShow makes show up (the tiny subs) (remember, this is the .mkv without the embedded subs, so it only has the external subs to show).

I don't understand it at all and I'm going crazy.:eyespin::eyespin: I've never, ever had to play with FfDshow parameters before, for any movie. It's only with this one anime movie that I'm having trouble with.

For info, the file is "Sword of the Stranger" 1080p THORA. If anyone has it and can test it out....

The extracted subs are synchronized, they just don't show up when they're supposed to unless I skip a few scenes. And I don't understand why. It is something with the video codec or something? Why are anime .mkvs so problematic (not the first time I've had trouble with anime .mkvs)?

PS: Even with the .ass external extracted subs, same problem. It doesn't come from the conversion of .ass to .srt.

Luminisk 2011-10-21 02:17

Have you tried to play it with CCCP + MPC-HC or KMplayer?

Not true a solution to your problem but, there is always Plan B: Hardsubbing.

Reveur 2011-10-22 04:24

Well, I tried to play it on my TV, and the .mkv doesn't even play. TV says the video codec is not supported. All that trouble for nothing. I've never had trouble playing .mkvs on my TV before (except some 3D ones). I think it has something to do with it being an anime .mkv because I've already encountered several problems with those.

Thanks anyway.

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