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molle 2003-11-16 17:17

Yay! End of chapter 7, the next chapter I am gonna do everything to get everything clear on what is going on and what the f&% it is all about.
Here's Ookmoose anyway:

dot|hack 2003-11-16 21:15

LOL thats halirous!!!

gravitation 2003-11-16 21:18

lol i have no idea what its about or whats going on but "lord ookmoose" classic! and the little shrubbery thing next to that guy is kool ^_^

dot|hack 2003-11-17 00:37

whats he crushing?

molle 2003-11-17 12:14

gravitation: what!? You don't get it!? =P nah, nexty chapter I', gonna make sure everything is explained -_-*:

dot|hack: if you look at the previous pages you'll perhaps see that it is another monster I call creeper.

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