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carmolita 2011-10-30 12:54

Please help w/ combining .srt files and raw video
I have a question when you download asian dramas and there in raw footage and a subtitle .srt file is seperate(in another folder), how do you fit the 2 together - I have a k drama i want to watch - i have the video and srt files but whenever i put the srt file in the same folder with the video file it will only place itself in front of the video file - so when I play the video the subtitiles won't appear...when i had xp os i could place files wherever i wanted them in a folder is this not the case with win 7?:heh:

-KarumA- 2011-10-30 15:28

1. Make sure the .srt file has the same file name as the video;

movietitle02.avi would need

Most of the times they get automatically loaded if they have the same name.
If not then DirectVobSub should have them listed as they are in the same folder; if you open the file check in your taskbar in the hidden section most likely next to the clock for DirectVobSub; green arrow. Right click it and select your subs.

You can also access a similar menu in the player itself if you use MPC-HC. Under Play go to Filters, FFDshow Video Decoder and you also see the subs. There is also a menu in there for DirectVobSub.

Mentar 2011-11-01 10:02

Alternatively, download and install mkvtoolnix, start mmg and mux both avi and srt file together to a mkv. That works aswell.

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