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relentlessflame 2011-10-31 00:25

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is licensed by Funimation
Funimation has licensed this show for streaming on its website, and eventual home media release. You may use this thread to discuss this license and any details about the streaming or eventual home media release.

.:Jason:. 2011-10-31 13:04

Heads up: according to the video page, Funimation won't let you watch their subs of it unless your register for the site and confirm that you're 17+.

blakstealth 2011-10-31 15:51

Geez, why did they have to use Yukimura as their background? rofl Dx

DragoZERO 2011-10-31 20:31

Talk about a bad choice in backgrounds... lol.

Can anyone explain why Funi decied on "Haganai"??

And lol at episode two's title.

.:Jason:. 2011-10-31 20:52

Because Haganai is the official shorthand name for the series.

DragoZERO 2011-10-31 21:22

What does "Haganai" mean?

.:Jason:. 2011-10-31 21:36

Well they took the ga from towards the end of the show title and the nai out of Sakunai and combined them. Don't know where the ha comes from though.

relentlessflame 2011-10-31 21:51

This has been discussed a few times before, but it's all the hiragana from the title.

友達ない = はがない

But because the context (grammatical rule), "ha" is pronounced and written "wa" in romaji, so that's why the title is "Boku wa" instead of "Boku ha".

Anyway... it's a sort of odd and uniquely Japanese way of picking the show's short form, but it stuck. Funimation adopted it as well because it's shorter and easier for people to remember and pronounce.

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