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ff7799 2003-11-04 00:45

Word association !!!
Well with the restarting of the forums I have decided to start up a little game called word association. Regular forum vistors should know how to play but for those of you who don't then let me tell you how to play. You post a word it could be a name a thing whatever you like, then someone else post another word relating to that word in anyway logical way, For example I could put bike and someone could respond with helmet or I could put Bush and someone could respond with president or even moron whichever you see fit. Aight yall let me start this off

P.S. since their is a ten character requirement just add (1111111111111) next to your word so you can overide it and using this standard format people won't be confused.

Britney spears

NoSanninWa 2003-11-04 02:38

There used to be a sticky post called "General Chat Guidelines" that was created to ban forum games and pointless personal questions from General Chat. While that announcement has not returned, I am still going to enforce it by telling you that nobody is allowed to create a game thread without the explicit permission of a moderator.

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