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james0246 2011-11-05 17:01

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - Episode 05 Discussion
Welcome to the discussion thread for Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Episode 05.

Devil Boy - 魔少年 ~ Mashounen

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SonicSP 2011-11-06 03:10

This episode is the first one without a Youtube release right?

solidvanz 2011-11-06 03:32

2ch thread with pictures: Closed for overdue.

Spoiler for LOL:

casval cehack 2011-11-06 03:33

I hope not. By the looks of it, there are tons of revelations...

Spoiler for scenes:

aeriolewinters 2011-11-06 03:36


Originally Posted by casval cehack (Post 3844515)
I hope not. By the looks of it, there are tons of revelations...

Spoiler for scenes:

Seems to be the case


ReddyRedWolf 2011-11-06 03:40

Spoiler for Well that was unexpected:

maknaedik 2011-11-06 03:50

Episode 5 in English UP!!

RES-01 Perses Gundam 2011-11-06 04:28

Spoiler for Grodek:


maknaedik 2011-11-06 04:31


Originally Posted by RES-01 Perses Gundam (Post 3844565)
Spoiler for Grodek:


Spoiler for Rotted:

casval cehack 2011-11-06 04:31

For the gundamjack episode, 7/10.

Spoiler for observations:

maknaedik 2011-11-06 04:35


Originally Posted by casval cehack (Post 3844570)
For the gundamjack episode, 7/10.

Spoiler for observations:

Spoiler for They know everything:

Sciel 2011-11-06 04:55

Can we kill Emily off ASAP (olololol won't happen) please.

She's almost as annoying as Orihime in Bleach.

LightningZERO 2011-11-06 05:03

Oh, the plot thickens. Some sort of mysterious faction called EDEN, with its pilot of 6 years old manages to pilot the Gundam far better than Flit can. Not to mention that knowing all about the Gundam and Flit Asuno, something is not right here and I'm starting to think that UE is some sort of small fries or some distraction.

For the character moments, I'm liking Emily's internal conflict that Flit is moving away from her, getting consumed by war. Flit is now all about getting stronger and wanting to have those newtype-ish ability. I wonder how will that play out. And there's also Grodek, who is determined to end UE conflicts, no matter what it takes. He's turning to be a better character than I've expected.

And I'm glad that Gundaminfo still has the episodes :D

Sides 2011-11-06 05:36

Err, sorry but Flit needs to be shoot for what he had done. I mean bringing a civilian into the ship and then into the hangar? Either that tor the security on the Diva is rubbish.
My guess EDEN are a group inside the Federation, so knowing some details about the Gundam and the creator is nothing unusual.

BTW EA software ^^

brightman 2011-11-06 06:08

Yeah, Grodek definitely keeps a loose ship and doesn't seem to care which kid's piloting the Gundam for the week.:uhoh:

And Emily is practically a Shakti clone now... She even stole her line that Flit is "drifting apart from" her.

Anyway, another uneventful episode, but we finally see what the enemy faction could be... Let's see where this is headed.

Skane 2011-11-06 06:15

Just wondering what level Flit's ego is at now, now that a younger kid outperformed him in a machine he designed himself. :heh:

"If I could have that. Could I become stronger?"

Well maybe not, but if you breed with Yurin, your descendants might. :D


duotiga 2011-11-06 07:20

my take


bio9205 2011-11-06 08:12

Wow, Desil is one hell of a creepy kid.

konart 2011-11-06 08:19

Nena Trinity in Age? 0_o

monster 2011-11-06 08:19

Wow, that was probably the smoothest "gundamjack" ever. :heh: The kid just walked out with the Gundam like he owned it. In fact, I wouldn't even call it a gundamjack if Desil didn't have to steal the memory unit first. (Is there an official name for this device?)

And poor Emily, she finally got the nerve to actually say what needed to be said. But unfortunately, she didn't realize that the plot was against her the whole time. If only she knew that she belongs to an anime franchise that has been throwing teens front and center into battles for the past 30+ years. :p

But it's good that Emily confronted Grodek. And now I'm thinking that Grodek is less a secretly bad guy and more a good guy who will be bad to fight against worse guys.

Flit is being Flit, I suppose. It took five episodes but now he really truly thinks that only he can pilot the Gundam. (Was Setsuna ever this bad?) But Woolf once again showed that he never really cared about piloting the Gundam and Grodek doesn't seem to care either way, so whatever. And I'm pleasantly surprised that Flit didn't show a hint of jealousy at seeing Desil performing better with the Gundam. Instead, they focused on his desire to be stronger so he could protect others. So, in the end, I can somewhat overlook Flit's obsessiveness because Flit still manage to show that his heart is in the right place.

And by the way, is it just me or is some of the shots of Flit looking away from the "camera" really badly drawn? It kind of looks like Dique's outline.

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