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Misha~su 2004-04-04 04:48

Eva Character
There is this girl in quite a few of the Eva images with short brown hair and I'm sure they're not fan art (they look a lot like screenshots) but I have never seen her in the series or heard of her before, so just who is she? :confused:

Keitaro 2004-04-04 04:55

could u post a pic of her here.

Illuzion 2004-04-04 05:34

are you talking about the class rep?
oh, i just heard that in the game theres a new girl who's supposely shinjis girlfriend, maybe shes the one your looking for :)

Misha~su 2004-04-04 05:38

It's not the class rep (Hikari) It's not Maya (computer person) But is is the one you mentioned after. Apparently she comes under the game 'Girlfriend of Steel' But who is she? And if she is Shinjis's girlfriend wouldn't that play a vital role in the anime? Or is the game a story of it's own? (So confusing)
BTW Keitarou sama Do you have to have the person's permission from the website to link the picture here?

Kensuke 2004-04-04 15:12

The girl from "'Girlfriend of Steel" is Mana Kirishima, did you mean her? She has brown hair.
Use google to search pics. That is what I always do. ;D

Keitaro 2004-04-05 03:10


Originally Posted by Misha~su
BTW Keitarou sama Do you have to have the person's permission from the website to link the picture here?

What picture do you mean my sig?

srb 2004-04-05 03:52

Mana Kirishima, created for the "Girlfriend of Steel" side-story. They took all the positive aspects of Rei and Asuka and mixed them together.

ky_khor 2004-04-05 10:54

so who create this character? (and her name)

srb 2004-04-05 15:33

That's Mana, and that's a part of the Sega Saturn cover for the "game". I don't know who created the character.

rEkKaShInObI 2004-04-07 01:05

its also shinji's girlfriend/

Zodiac 2004-04-07 10:22

Yea, that's Mana allright...

Game is boring as hell though - Google for it, some guy put it on a website for download.

And yea, apparently there are two Girlfriend of Steel/Iron Maiden games. The one I mentioned for download is a semi-dating sim (Some Asuka fanservice though...).

The other... I've got no idea, and you know what? I really wouldnt wanna play it anyway :)

Misha~su 2004-04-18 07:46


Originally Posted by Keitaro
What picture do you mean my sig?

No, I meant that when you post a picture in general you need the URL, so would that require the permission of the person from the website? Also with signatures you can't use them like avatars you have to use the URL? :D

Also thank you for the answers, I finally understand who this "Mana" is. :)

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