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faibel10 2011-11-22 15:33

Tsubasa Chronicles amv
its a remake!of amv that i had in old account!

like+sub and tell me what to do beather!:p

Hooves 2011-11-25 03:48

1:18-1:19 - The timing for this part was slighty laggy (or maybe it was intentional). But it would have been better in my personal opinion when she started singing right at the moment when they dashed towards eachother for sword combat.

2:15-2:16 - The moment the instruments stopped playing, when he said "Kill them". It would have been more spine-chilling when it happened right then. After he said those words, the vocal can occur right back then. In other words, holding that scene back for about 1-2 more seconds would have added more feel.

Fast-forwarding is a good thing to skip to the good parts, but it still feels rushed a little when it's actually put into effect.

6.7/10 - A good rating.

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