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Kunagisa 2011-11-29 07:11

Hagure Yuusha no Esthetica

*Used a slightly different title from ANN.


Originally Posted by ANN
The story follows an international training organization named Babel which protects the young people returning from another world. A wayward hero named Akatsuki has come back to the real world from a world of sword and magic called Areizaado, along with beautiful girl who is a demon king's daughter.

Novel Homepage

Don't think too hard on this one. Ero + magic + alternate universe + harem. Main's pretty badass though. One of my guilty pleasure read. So many light novel adaptations these days (though kinda depressing that a lot of them are this genre). Novel covers in a bit. Has potential to be the next IS if given great animation (art's amazingly good).

Ravenblitz 2011-11-29 07:13


Originally Posted by stuopidget (Post 3878673)
Ero + magic + alternate universe + harem.

sign me up on this one :heh:

anyways this is the LN thread

Novel official website currently has 6 volumes, 7th one on Dec 1st

Originally Posted by MAL
In normal RPGs, a hero defeats the Satan king and the story ends. But what does the hero do after that? Ohtorizawa Akatsuki defeats the Satan king in the fantasy world of Alleyzard and returns to the real world. He is sheltered by the international organization BABEL, which protects and controls people transferred from the outer worlds. BABEL is astonished to know Akatsuki has really defeated Satan and brings Satan's daughter Miu from Alleyzard. In the academy of BABEL, Akatsuki confronts other "returners", who have psychic powers.

Kakkou 2011-11-29 07:33

Great novel art + synopsis + badass looking hero = Sold. All that's left is good staff and cast.

Marcus H. 2011-11-29 07:44

Will this project go to David Production?

Echoes 2011-11-29 07:47

Pink-haired girl. Looks so damn sexy interesting as a character.

This could go either way, but at least the synopsis sound pretty original. I wonder where he can go from defeating Satan, though. Guess I'll have to watch to find out.

articuzwolf 2011-11-29 08:15

OK. . . Sunrise, Bones, I.G we need you here

strawberrypop 2011-12-04 16:36

I had a feeling this would get an anime when I saw the first novel cover on last year. So I'm interested.

Kunagisa 2012-03-01 11:23

Confirmed for summer, guessing 1 cour?

Wonder how many volumes the anime would cover; this has everything from pissing to chikan groping etc., but some of that are obviously in the later volumes. I definitely did not start reading this for the shameful plays though ... (yeah like anyone would believe that, but it's true (*゚∀゚)o彡゚).

Kismet-chan 2012-03-01 19:00

I might peek into this SOLELY for pink-haired girl. I'm a sucker for sexy girls with pink hair. <3

Endscape 2012-03-01 19:18

I've heard of this LN before but I didn't know it was getting an anime, I'll make a note to watch it.

strawberrypop 2012-03-23 13:40

Official site open.
Some info is added, and first look on the anime character designs.

Like the site layout and character designs.

Kunagisa 2012-03-23 16:26



・監督/久城りおん ・シリーズ構成/金月龍之介
・美術監督/前田実  ・色彩設計/中田亮大
・撮影監督/浅川茂輝  ・編集/瀬山武司
・音響監督/清水勝則 ・音楽/小西香葉、近藤由紀夫(MOKA☆)
・音楽制作/ランティス  ・プロデュース/ジェンコ
・制作/アームス  ・製作/はぐれ勇者の鬼畜美学パートナーズ

Feeling so lazy at the moment (Friday syndrome), but highlights are Accelerator is our main (hahahhahahahhaha), and Youko Hikasa is our main heroine (also the red rectangle in the picture above). What to expect from this anime (NSFW novel illustration).

Oh man this is going to be super, super fun

leokiko 2012-03-23 16:34

Seems like my type of anime, definitely will check this out.

Sumeragi 2012-03-23 17:12

Nice art. Might look at it later.

Kaioshin Sama 2012-03-23 17:24

Saw the word Yuusha then got excited about the possibility of some heroic adventure anime then noticed it was more of a fanservice harem type affair, which frankly doesn't surprise me at all since that's how shows always seem to get spun nowadays. Moving on, next please.

NoemiChan 2012-03-24 00:37

I smell harem! I smell harem!:D

leokiko 2012-03-24 00:48

Harem is better than an all-girls cast.

The best one though is when there are enough guys and girls in a fantasy setting with hints of romance. Focusing on the story instead of romance/fanservice would be the best route imo.

Mura 2012-03-24 22:22

I also saw today that Hanazawa Kana, Inoue Marina and Ueda Kana will be doing this too. This is like my dream cast.:love:

Kunagisa 2012-04-25 09:59

PV キタ━━━( ∀`)・ω・) ゚Д゚)・∀・) ̄ー ̄)_ゝ`)━━━!!!!!!

Looks great!!! OP's also confirmed for Faylan, and the ED is Misato Aki.

Kismet-chan 2012-04-25 22:48


Originally Posted by Kunagisa (Post 4128351)

PV キタ━━━( ∀`)・ω・) ゚Д゚)・∀・) ̄ー ̄)_ゝ`)━━━!!!!!!

Looks great!!! OP's also confirmed for Faylan, and the ED is Misato Aki.

Me gusta. :3

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