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Concordia 2011-12-04 18:25

Official Artwork Releases question.
Hey there.

Every now and then on forums/image boards i see some pictures posted which are very high quality images so i guess they are official artwork. They also usually have some text (in Japanese so a poor Brit like me can't read it :P) in the corner which is distinctive of these images.

Spoiler for possible NSFW:
here is an example i uploaded.

I've only checked one or two of the anime's official websites but even when clicking all the links randomly i have found nothing.

Basically i am just wondering if anyone knows a place where these images are released officially or just by fans etc.

Thanks for reading.

Daniel E. 2011-12-04 21:44

Just to be clear but, asking for places to download stuff like high-quality artbook scans or game CG sets is not allowed here. If you can't find it in the official sites, then you probably need to buy something like a mag, calendar or an artbook to get it.

For fanart, you can try and google for the artist name or simply dig in an image board.

Thread closed.

relentlessflame 2011-12-04 22:00

Just to expand a little bit on this answer, if you like official anime artwork like this, you might want to consider collecting two Japanese magazines: Megami Magazine, and NyanType. Each monthly issue contains over a dozen double-page posters from all the most popular "bishoujo" anime of the day. You can get subscriptions from sites like CD Japan and JBox/J-List, or purchase issues individually at sites like Amazon JP or others. Most of the images you see (like the one posted) are from one of these two magazines, so worth considering if you're a fan!

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